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Thursday, January 1, 2015

The New Creative Style of Personal Planners

Personal planners have become a new style playground.
They are not simply for keeping track of your appointments anymore.
Day books are no longer a boring list of chores.

They have inspired people to create a new form of art and have become an extremely popular new crafting endeavor. Most refer to this new hobby as filofaxing, however I enjoy calling mine my art planner. There is still plenty of scheduling and lists, but every page has become a canvas to decorate.
Paper crafting, scrapbooking, coloring, painting, drawing, and so many forms of media now cover the daily pages. They've become a bit like a smash book style junk journal. Collecting personal pieces of cards, mail, journaling, and pictures over time.
Little mini albums that contain a little of your day and a bit of your heart.
A quick and easy artistic book for you everyday memories.

This, of coarse, was a bandwagon I had to jump on.
Creating a little treasure book, yes!
Full of my days, art, thoughts, hopes and ideas.
A colorful and fun way to preserve and an entire year.
Pink Kikki-k planner
Art Planner dashboard and accessories
Just a few goodies inside the pockets.

It would be impossible for me not to add a few creative touches to my everyday paper inside my Art Planner. After a bit of consideration I decided I needed custom printable pages.

I have created a Blog Planner Printable that is free for anyone to use in their personal Art Planners. 
If you are new to my blog, please read my Angel Policy tab about the use of my artwork.

My hope is that this will be one of many future Art Planner Printables. 

Cuddlebug Cuties Blog Planner Printable

And I wouldn't just make a Cuddlebug without sharing her as a digital stamp / coloring page.

Cuddlebug Cuties Alicia

If you've enjoyed the concept of this new craft check back every Thursday for updates, printable lists, and creative ideas to my Art Planner.

Enjoy coloring and crafting with Alicia and the Blog Planner Printable but please give me, Anna Stillwell at Cuddlebug Cuties, credit for drawing her.


  1. Hi Anna,
    Thank you so much for this and all the inspiration that you give us all.
    I hope that you have a really fantastic 2015, filled with love and happiness and where all your dreams and wishes come true.
    Love and best wishes.

  2. WOUW this is so cool Anna, and this gir is just awesome too, thanks soo very much for sharing her with us here again.
    I hope this new year will be a wonderful year for all of us and I can´t wait to see your beautiful calaendar as it gets finished during the year on every page.
    Happy New Year sweet friend.

  3. I have also jumped on this bandwagon. But I love being creative with my planner and it makes me feel good when I see it. Great post!!

  4. Love the digi and the planner page. Thank you.

  5. I just got into the planner mania. I found one that serves most of my needs, but have also made a binder for the rest. I'm continually looking for a 'better' page, which is why I have a binder I'm working on. Perhaps by Dec 2015 I'll have got THE one. :)

  6. I'm liking this idea and will watch to see how you get on. Thanks for the gorgeous image Anna.

  7. Thank you so much for such a cutie!

  8. Hello, and how are you I love the little girl and the blog planner is something I had been searching for. I love the Journal you made and may try something like it although I stink at crafts.