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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Just because you grow up ...

Do you remember sitting in high school writing notes to your girlfriends instead of paying attention? 
The paper would be fully decorated with perfect handwriting and little hearts; brightly colored with pens and markers. You'd put such incredible effort into making it perfect and pretty.

Do you remember your high school bedroom?
If you were like me, I bet somewhere in that room was a collage board or maybe even a collage wall.
All your favorite photos of friends, pictures from magazines, artwork, and awards prominently displayed.

Do you remember going to bed one night feeling young and carefree...
 then waking up with a career, mortgage, and a family?!
You're suddenly responsible for more than just yourself.
People depend on you.

Where did the time go?

Just because you grow up doesn't mean those decorated notes and displays can no longer be a part of your life. Creativity has no age limit.

Decorating my Art Planner has become my new favorite craft hobby. Little notes, pretty papers, photos, artwork, and pretty much anything I can think of to put inside and keep as a little treasure; and yes, still all decorated with bright ink and a few little hearts.

Everyday I add a bit more color and a few more memories. At the end of the year I'll have a perfect little book. Someday I'll sit and read this book; and the ones that will follow, and rejoice in the memories that I cherished enough to stow inside.

Here's a few pretty planner supplies to get you started personalizing your Art Planner and making it fun while encouraging you to stay organized.

Washi tape.

 Colorful Pens

Paperclips & Journaling Cards

Sticky Notes

Pretty Paper & Envelopes


Scrapbook Paper

And Here's a bit of it all starting to come together.
Notes on pretty paper with washi tape. Opposite Page: Scrap paper, sticky notes, stickers, & paperclip.

** And **
I have created 2 To Do List Printables that are free for anyone to use in their personal Art Planners. 
If you are new to my blog, please read my Angel Policy tab about the use of my artwork.
 Tomorrow night I will have a digital stamp of the Cuddlebug on the left, so check back for your freebie; and I will be throwing color at my Art Planner this week; feel free to stop by next Thursday to see how it turns out.

Cuddlebug Cuties To Do List

Cuddlebug Cuties To Do List  




  1. Thanks sooo much for these pages Anna, they´re just gorgeous, and very very useful.I´m sure all my girls will love to make such planners too, especially the teens of them will love this no doubt. These pages are sooo beautiful and I can see a great use of them in more different ways too.
    Have a wonderful week-end and loads of great fun.

  2. I love it! I definitely want to use your To Do List printables. Thank you for the inspiration to make my own journal.
    Hugs always

  3. I have been having the same feeling about life lately. This was a great reminder letting me know that you could still have a childlike brain even while growing up.

  4. I just love your girls, its so kind of you to share with us. A big thank you.

  5. I like that you added a spot for an inspirational quote on the printable. It's nice that you gave us the ability to choose a quote of our own.