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Friday, January 23, 2015

Planner Pretties Week 4

I have found that being a paper fanatic has increased by leaps and bounds when I started creating my own custom art planner. My first few planner posts were about goals and functionally; with a bit of whimsy added.
How I wanted to create a little book to help me with my day to day tasks, a place to take notes and jot ideas, be a bit of a journal; and of coarse some place to scribble little quirky characters (as though I don't already have enough books for that).

This week is all about adding details, color, and fun.
I've started stuffing it full of fun and pretty paper, adding washi fabric tape and stickers, I have more sticky notes than I know what to do with, and I can't help but doodle on any page that isn't already full. 

I love this book. It is the ultimate junk journal.

It's full of so much that I treasure.
Thoughts, memories, pictures, photos, and pretties.

So sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy a few pictures with me.
Hopefully they will inspire you to throw a bit of creative whimsy into your everyday life.

Art Planner Dashboard
Here I've cut tabs from full sized file folders. The front adventure seekers page is a hard clear plastic that I trimmed down from another planner and added a stack of sticky notes to. Down the side are 3 magnetic bookmarks (from toys 'r us believe it or not). Goes to show that you can find goodies anywhere.  

On the left is my collection of sticky notes and paper clips. With the exception of the lace and the cat, I created the bows and heart clips myself. I love how pretty they are; and the best part was they where super easy and inexpensive to make. Next week I will have a little tutorial post on how to easily create your own clips or page markers. In no way would you have to be a super crafter to create these. This post will be for anybody whose interested regardless of experience. Even the supplies are easy to find. And the clips work great for planners, journals, and books.

Weekly Spread Sheet
I made these pages out of plain notebook paper. Nothing heavy duty or pricy. I simply trimmed it to fit, added holes, and used a rounded corner punch to make the edges look a bit more unique. A ruler and a bit of washi tape made it look sleek and colorful at the same time and the homemade bow paper clip holds my place perfectly.

Homemade bookmark

I made this very over-sized bookmark to easily find my place in my blogging to do section. It's just a bit of scrap paper, stickers, and washi tape. Something so simple has the ability to inspire me every time I see it. The words themselves just touch me. It may not be fancy but it is powerful.

Inspirational Pages
The very first page of my Thoughts & Ideas sections is a list of a few inspirational quotes. It's just something for me to have to read when I'm having one of those days. I hate yuck days, but I still don't want to waste them. I'll never have another chance at that day and so many people where not even granted the gift of that this is a pick me up page. Something to help set me on the path of realizing that the trials I go through today will make me who I am tomorrow. 

Note and Sketch Section
Pretty paper with plenty of room for scribbles of all kinds. What's not to love?! On the left is the back side of my file tab. I'm still decorating it but have added a pocket; but I think it still needs a little love.
On the right is my first page of doodles and scribbles. It's pretty much just a list of ideas for an upcoming birthday. I doodle while I think of things to add to the list. I find it fun and very relaxing. Now that I have it full of scribbles, I think I'll pull out some colored pencils and continue to enhance it while I think of more ideas for my list.

So this is my week in art planner pictures. It's been a wonderful way to throw color into my everyday. Especially the ones where I don't really have time to sit at a craft table and create. Finding some way to take something ordinary and make it yours is such a fun art. 

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. You are are so talented, I love your girls.

  2. Outstanding work as always hun. I absolutely love your drawings too. All your girls are sooo amazing and my girls also always ask, if you´ve made some new oines, every time they come around, and they love them just as much as I do, If you knew how many times, we´ve been sitting and colored your lovely girls together here, you would laugh I´m sure. But you are such a huge inspuiration to all of us here at least, and we just love your beautiful work.
    Have a wonderful week-end to you too and loads of fun time, I hope.

  3. Junk journals are just so much fun. They just add a twist to the usual journal that make memories flood back when you go back through them.

  4. I love your planner! It's so colorful and fun!