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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Copic Marker Travel Kit

I've noticed that I really don't spend much time crafting in my art room. I would love to, but it seems my son and I bounce from one room to the next; and at times, when we get cabin fever, we hit the road. Sometimes the road takes us to grandmas, sometimes the library for story time, or sometimes the park if the weather's nice.

I have found that it can be quite handy to have a few little travel art kits with different supplies that can cover several projects. I like for them to be small so it's not a hassle going from one room to another and they also fit into my purse easily.

 I have a few marker kits with preselected favorite color combinations, that are great for daily crafting. The pouch is actually a padded iPad zipper pouch. These are great. They're so roomy and lightweight. Each kit contains a few preprinted digital stamps and variety of skin tone copics; as well as matching hair and clothing colors.

I have found these little kits to be a super helpful way to create while being on a mom schedule. Something as small as a makeup pouch could hold a wealth of goodies and be a huge time saver when searching for supplies.

Copic Marker Travel Art Kit

Cuddlebug Cuties Alicia
Skin: BV20, E13, E11, E00, E000, R11
Clothes: V22, V25, V28, V99
Hair: E49, E44 E43, E42, E41

Above Cuddlebug is Alicia you can find her to print out here.



  1. So beautiful Anna. I really wish, I would ever get just half as good to color, as you are. She´s sooo adorable and sooo perfect. You are such a talented lady. Thanks sooo much for sharing with us here.

  2. Hi Anna,
    This is absolutely stunning, and I look at it against the one that I have just put on Crafts of any sort, and I wonder why I even try, but Iam not giving up, so please do not be to upset about my dreadful colourings of your digi's, I am improving slowly, I think.
    I hope you have a fantastic day.
    Love and best wishes.