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Monday, May 20, 2013

Coffe Date

It's late in the afternoon here and I'm just sitting down for my second cup of coffee for the day. 
Would you like to join me? I can offer coffee, tea, juice, water and yummy chocolate chip cookies. They're huge and full of delicious chips, well worth every calorie they add, lol.
So pull up a chair and lets have a girls afternoon; sharing stories and enjoying life.

I spent most of last week feeling a bit under the weather. I believe my little man picked up a bug that made him feel icky for about a day and then it passed to me, and me feel awful for about a week. Isn't it amazing how fast you bounce back when your little.
I got so far behind that week. I'm still trying to catch up on laundry and emails. Truly my email has nearly 500 unread messages. I keep trying to get through them fearing that I am missing something important and not wanting to leave anybody without a return message.

It was a beautiful weekend here. The weather was warm and there was a light breeze. I spent all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday outside with my little guy. We enjoyed everything that we could get into and play with. From toys, to flowers, and even a little mud. By the end of Sunday afternoon he curled up in my lap with a bottle and watched car tv shows with his daddy and me. I wasn't really paying attention to the tv, though. I was just to thrilled at the snuggle time. I held my most cherished gift close and thanked God for such an amazing blessing.

My mom babysat for me last night so that my hubby and I could have a date night, which turned out to be rather funny and not much of a date. We arrived home at around 8pm. Our plans were to crawl into bed and watch Netflix movies until 1 or 2 in the morning. We got about an hour into the first movie when his work phone rang. He gave me a look that said I'm sorry but I have to answer this. He's been at his job for over a decade so this is something that we are both pretty used to. 

He went into the living room and I could hear him going around and round on the phone over which company should be fixing the problem. It always makes me laugh because no matter what or who's issue it is, he will always fix it.
I took the time to snuggle with my puppies and they loved every moment of quality mama time. After about an hour I started to fade and feel asleep. 
So we didn't really have a date but I got some extra sleep, and it was needed.

I woke up at 4am to the sound of thunder, I listened to the rain beat against the window for quite awhile before dozing back to sleep. By 6 I was awake again, but it was one of the cutest wake ups I've ever had. 
I feel the covers begin to rustle and jaws immediately comes to mind. Slowly at first then faster and faster till...bam I'm covered with puppies. One on my chest and one on each arm. All three right up to my face covering me with kisses. I laughed and giggled like a little girl trying to fight the onslaught back. After a few minutes they calm down and curl up close for some snuggling. I hold them all and enjoy the love that they give. After about an hour we all stretch and climb out of bed to head for the backyard.
Now this is a little tricky, we have a momma bird that has made her nest about 3 feet from our back door, and she is not to friendly with my doggies. I peek around the corner of the door to find that the coast is clear so I throw the door all the way back and my girls gleefully bounce outside. We had made it out to the middle of the yard when I spot the mama. Usually she stays away as long as we are not close to the the nest, today however she was a bit cranky. 
She swoops down and hits one of my pups right in the butt sending her nose first in the dirt. Before I can reach her to pick her up she goes for a second dog and nails her in the back. My third pup takes refuge behind me and I see the mama bird coming straight for us. 
For a moment there was fear, this crazy bird is going to attack me. Then, in a instant I get a little on the cranky side myself and bolt straight at the bird coming toward me. She nails me in the leg bounces off and swoops around the yard preparing for round two. I'm yelling at the dogs to get in the house and for the first time ever they actually listen. I then run in circles after this bird yelling at it; telling it I'm not hurting your babies so you need to stay away from mine. She finally landed on the edge of the roof and I'm standing below her having a staring contest. 
Then I hear a slight laugh that turns into an all out burst of hysterical laughter. My next door neighbor was in his backyard watching the whole thing. Once he finally got control of himself he asked me if I had a was having a moment cause he'd never seen anybody chase a bird before. I couldn't help but laugh too.
The funny thing is I don't dislike birds and I would never touch their nest and even if I could have caught up to her I wouldn't hurt her. We were both just having momma / cub moments. 

I did a check on the dogs just to make sure they were fine and then did a double check with my vet, who seemed to get a good laugh out of telling me that the pups will be fine and won't catch anything from angry birds.

So this has been my last few days. How about you? Are you doing well? Have any fun stories? Any cranky birds in your life lately, lol?


Oh and one more thing. I will have a new digi ready in the next few days. She is so adorable and I'm really excited about her.


  1. Hi Anna - I wish I could have seen that - it must have been so funny. You must have made your neighbour's day!! There is something to be said for communication being by phone when you are sick - you can just ignore it! E-mails however, can just build up. Mine have never got anywhere near that number but they did climb up a bit while I was away on holiday for 2 weeks. Tried to check them as much as I could but they still build up. Been back home for 2 weeks and still trying to catch up on things and give myself enough quality crafting time. Just this morning, I went into a shop (to kill a bit of time until the shop I wanted to visit was open)and I scored myself a bargain. They had all the MME paper pads at half price. Of course, I couldn't just buy one though could I! I now have quite a few paper pads to choose from (including the ones I already have!). So, I'm sitting here drinking my water chatting to you and not getting any housework done at all. Crafting is next on my list - those paper pads are just too tempting. I don't know what your weather is like but here it is cold and overcast but not raining. Not bad for late autumn I suppose and a reasonable excuse to be inside crafting. Nice chatting to you. Hugs, Suze

  2. Doesn't that just figure that something always interferes with date night. I know the feeling.
    I would love some chocolate chip cookies by the way!!
    I hope you are feeling better :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. I am sorry you were ill but glad you are better now. Thank you for sharing the story. I am also way behind have hundreds of emails not read.
    I love all your images. Thank you for all your work.
    Have a good day.

  4. Well your life seems pretty much alike my own right now, eventhoug I can´t tell any fun stories about it, but I´ve jsut had an awesome week-end with my 2 youngest granddaughters, but it was more cosy than anything. I´ve been a bit under the weather myself lately too, so everything has been kept quiert and peaceful here.
    I hope, you´ll feel much better soon, and that we´ll both be able to catch up on the loads of waiting mails too. I´m like you, I always find, that if people take the time to write me a nice mail, then I also owe them to read it and answer them, so I also always truly goes through every single one of them, even it sometimes takes like forever to catch up with them LOL:
    have a wonderful day and lots of fun, and I´ll look forward to see, what new image you have in your sleeves, but I´m sure it´ll be awesome, as they all are. Take care and enjoy your day everyone.

  5. What a fun read Anna! Things are not nearly as funny around my house right now....but that is probably because I'm viewing from watery eyes that I want to scratch out of my insanely stuffed head (that insists on sneezing wildly every few minutes) ARRGHHH!!! I THOUGHT I had made it VERY clear that from May - about mid August my schedule is JAM PACKED....and "Ain't NOBODY got time for this!"....apparently my body didn't get the message :-(.....OHHH I think I heard the coffee pot finish (yes HEARD because I certainly can't SMELL anything!)
    Carolyn @

  6. That was very fun to picture -- thanks so much for sharing!! It's even better because you had an audience!! And thank you for sharing your talents with the world :)

  7. Well you had an interesting week didn't you? I loved the visuals I had in my head from all your crazy life events. I would have loved to have been a witness to the events in the backyard. I KNOW I'd have gotten into a yelling and staring match with that bird myself. How rude of her! Glad you and the pups survived the ordeal. Thanks for sharing another piece of your life with us.