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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Patience is a virtue.
It is one that I was not born with. 
Maybe it's a learned behavior, 
but I haven't really leaned it yet either, 

When I first decided to make a Halloween collection, I figured I'd draw several digis and put them up in my store. Then I would would make a few more and post them on my blog as freebies over the weeks that followed. 


It's not really that much fun spending days creating something and then tucking it into a folder to save for later.

So now I've decided to break my collection up a bit and put them up as I make them.  Today I have a free digi on my blog and a new one in my store.

This one's called Boo. She's just sitting in the shadows telling spooking stories for the enjoyment of her friends.

Boo Cuddlebug Cuties

 I added a little bit of shadow and turned the flashlight on in this one.

Boo Cuddlebug Cuties

This is a Smashbook page I'm working on. So much paper cutting, but I love how it looks.
Boo Cuddlebug Cuties

Boo Cuddlebug Cuties

Boo will be free through Sept 5, 2012.
Enjoy coloring and crafting with her but please give me, Anna Stillwell at Cuddlebug Cuties, credit for drawing her.
I have also added Raven to my store.
 I really wanted a cute reaper for Halloween.

Raven Close-up
 I am so happy with how my scythe turned out. When I showed it to my dad the first thing he said was, "Awesome, I like the weapon. Guess all that time playing World of Warcraft paid off."
All I could do was laugh. I never would have dreamed that either of my parents would tell me something good came from me playing a video game. I don't think I could hold a candle to the W.O.W. graphic designers but it made for a good laugh.


Encase you haven't seen it yet, I have new blog candy here.

Use coupon code: SPOOKY to recieve 15% off your purchase from my store.
Good through September 9, 2012.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,


  1. She's a pretty boo-er! Thanks for sharing.:)

  2. She is bootiful. Thanks. Can't wait to make a card with her.

  3. What a great character. You are very talented.

    New follower from Wiegands. Love for you to stop by and return the follow. Hosting Mom's Monday Mingle and First of the Month Hop tomorrow. Love for you to stop by and link up.

  4. Thank you Anna. I always love the B&W as I can chose the colours and change them to suit but...I really love the one with the spotlight on - it looks so effective. Hugs, Suze

  5. She's a cutie .. I can hear the Ghost stories she is telling. giggle

  6. Hi Anna, i love your blog and all the lovely art.
    But i am sorry to be saying this,did you know you have Ravens right hand( as you look at her), round the wrong way?You should only see the ends of her fingers.I am not picking holes, just trying to
    stop you from being embarrassed by it,as i know you can correct it.Keep well,Rosie.xx

  7. Thanks so much - she's fabulous and I love your coloured versions!

  8. LOL! Patience is definitely NOT something we are born with! The hardest part is, to gain patience, we have to be put in situations that require patience... A constant work in progress for me!!

    Your digis are beautiful and my oldest DD has completely fallen in love with them! When she finishes creating with them, I'll have to share with you! Thanks so much for your generous spirit!

    1. That would be great, I'd love to see her creations :)

  9. I love all of your images...thank you so much for the freebie!!!

  10. I love your girls, they are so awesome, thank you bunches nd bunches, hugs, Cathy K

  11. Oh how I hate that I have missed these. I love them so much :(