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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party

 week #62

 Wake Up Wednesday "Linky" Party


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This weeks 
Featured Bloggers

Painted Plastic Dollar Store Easter Eggs
Casa Watkins

These dollar store plastic Easter eggs were painted gold and accented using lace stickers.  This is a great nap time project and easy to do.

I only wanted three eggs for this project, but the dollar store bag comes with so many more.  You can use all sorts of background colors to make a bundle of painted eggs.  How great would the eggs look in blue!  Or, you can make a mix of blue and gold painted eggs.

Why Lemon Poundcake is more tempting than Cinnamon rolls!
Cherishing A Sweet Life

When it came to what to bake for our upcoming Easter lunch or dinner,
 I knew, without a shadow of a doubt it had to be made with lemons.

Why I stopped praying for patience
My Love for Words
I used to think that by praying for patience, I would be given patience. I would wake up one morning with an overflowing amount of peace and tolerance, able to remain sweet and level headed despite whatever was thrown my way. Unfortunately, that day has yet to come… just ask my family.

how to become an undercover prayer warrior
Penny A. Zeller

After Christian historical romance, Christian suspense is my favorite genre. Especially when characters go undercover and the tension builds as covert operations are planned to catch the bad guys.

Bunny Bark
This Silly Girl's Life

I’m sure you have seen all kinds of “barks” floating around. My friend Parrish, makes them a lot and I always love how hers comes out! So, I thought I’d give it a go and…. well now I’m addicted!

Make a Cute Bunny Ear Headband in Minutes
Homemaking Hacks

You don’t even need glue for this one, which is a bonus. While I love the power of a good glue, sometimes it’s fun to avoid getting sticky. Somehow I always get some on my fingers. One time, I actually managed to get glitter glued to every single one of my fingers. Yup!
Here is all you need to make these cute bunny ears:

How to Make a China Tea Cup Wreath
Penny's Vintage Home

I made a tea cup wreath this morning to hang in our new tea room.       I have made several of these wreaths over the years and sold I only make them for myself.     Since I no longer sell them,   I wanted to share how I make them with my blogging friends

Nutella Swirled Banana Bread
2 Cookin' Mamas

I couldn’t wait to get around to sharing this delicious banana bread with you. My friend and neighbor Melanie brought this over during the Christmas season and everyone went wild over it. People usually think of having banana bread for breakfast or a mid-morning snack but this one can easily be served as a rich decadent dessert. It is deliciously moist and made all the better by the thick swirls of Nutella running through it. However, the real piece de resistance was the layer of thick rich chocolate icing that puts it over the top and into the “oh, I’ve got to have it” dessert category.

Homemade Country-Style Buttermilk Biscuits
~Taylor-Made Homestead~

We don’t eat biscuits often but RancherMan loves biscuits & gravy.  I prefer my biscuits with homemade jam thank you very much but who am I to judge??  I’ve struggled with biscuit recipes since, well, FOREVER – no matter what guaranteed recipe I try the biscuits always seem heavy & dry. But as is tradition I promised to make RancherMan whatever he wanted for his birthday breakfast recently and his request was (of course) homemade biscuits and gravy, along with a generous supply of thick-cut heavily peppered crispy bacon.  Back to my recipe I went with a sigh – he deserved better.  My recipe just didn’t seem to have enough flavor last time I made it, and the biscuits were heavy and dry.  But determined to provide my beloved RancherMan the meal he requested and deserved, I tweaked the recipe and the biscuits turned out absolutely DELICIOUS.  Flavorful, moist and fluffy.  EUREKA!

Spring Sherbet Cookie Sandwiches
Upstate Ramblings

Spring and Easter are perfect times for entertaining!  This spring I made these bright and cheerful Spring Sherbet Cookie Sandwiches for a colorful snack to have on hand for feeding company.

Monster Milkshake

Lately, our family has been craving milkshakes! These M&M's Crispy are great straight from the small bag for a little sweet treat, and buying the larger bag is a great addition to our Monster M&M's Crispy Milkshake! Creamy ice cream, rich fudge topping, swirled with M&M's Crispy and chocolate chunks and topped with fresh whipped cream and more M&M's Crispy make this milkshake one award winning way to enjoy yourself!

What can I make from a pair of jeans? 
This week's clothes upcycle.
Creating my way to Success

For this week's clothes upcycle for my challenge,
I chose a pair of jeans and a black
and white stripy top

Easy Criss-Cross Purse Pattern
Princess & Her Cowboys

A few months ago, we went to Hawaii for Cowboy’s work (Little Roper and I tagged along). It was a ton of fun and we set out on different adventures every morning. There is a fun swap meet, or flea market, that goes around the entire football stadium but it’s only open on certain days. We went through it on one of the days and were able to get a whole bunch of souvenirs at a fraction of what some of the other stores were charging. One of my favorites was my purse. It’s kind of like a hobo bag but it has 3 different sections from how the fabrics criss-cross over each other. I figured I could make something like that so I went to it.

YSL Chinese New Year Pallette Review and Swatches
Beauty Isles

This Roller Coaster Called Life

I don’t know about you, but my nose has been stuffy all winter long.  Not much has worked to clear it, but inhaling eucalyptus or Vick’s usually does the trick.  Here is an easy recipe for Eucalyptus Essential Oil Shower Melts to help clear the nose and to help make it easier to breathe.  {Note:  To appease the FDA, I’m not saying that eucalyptus will help everything, nor is it a cure-all.  Each person reacts differently.}

10 Christ Centered Easter Traditions
Lou Lou Girls
I remember as a kid hearing adults talk about how "commercialism is taking over Holidays" and "Religion is getting forgotten". I always thought they were just jealous that they didn't get to do the activities like hunt for easter eggs or open as many presents. Now that I have a child of my own though, I completely understand where they were coming from.

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