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Friday, March 20, 2015

Furballs In The Craftroom

I've been working on redoing my craft room to make it a bit more art studio like.
I felt that I just had to much random hobby craft supplies cluttering up every inch of my limited space. Since my main crafts are drawing and art journaling I really needed more table space than storage for pretties.
I'm in the process of reevaluating my materials. Storing some and donating others all to make room for a small kitchen table to replace my desk. The desk is beautiful but once I put a computer on it I have little room for large and unusual sized sketch books. 

My rattie furbabies are quite alarmed by this entire situation. My craft desk has been around as long as they have and it has changed very little. It's their favorite place to play. Plenty of areas to climb and a hutch to hide in.
I've been letting them explore one last time on it while I clean it off.
Of coarse a photo shoot ensued.

Bear Playing In Ribbon
Bear Getting Pets
Jasper, Hmm What's In Here?
Loki Claims My Old Pen Holder As His
Thor Enjoying a Treat
Thor, Yumm!

Bear, Mine
Bear, No Touch
Bear & Ghost, Fancy Dumbos *brothers
Ghost, sweetest little guy ever
Jasper, Oh That's Good
I think they had fun, and they loved the special treat.
They get fresh veges and fruit everyday but I keep a box of dieters sweets for them for special treats. I figure if it's for a diet they shouldn't get to plump, right? only live once might as well enjoy it :) They are snacking on a Weight Watchers Carrot Cake. Spoiled, I know. That's the way furbabies should be. They love yogurt too, oh but what a mess. That's a photo shoot for another day.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Such a lovely post and love the photos :-) Your fur babies are truly spoiled :-) Have a great weekend.

  2. I love rats. I had a sweet lady named Gracie - I was so sad when she passed. Looks like you have a few!! LOVED your post.

  3. I liked seeing your rats but in real life I am terrified of them. Have fun redecorating your craftroom!

  4. Of course a rat should be named Loki! Cute pics. V

  5. Our kids had rats, well our son did, the girls had mixed feelings about them. I found them quite cute and got used to them climbing all over me. Yours look to be having a good old time and I bet they don't take too long adjusting to the new arrangement.


  6. What a treat for the furbabies. Who doesn't love snack cakes?

  7. Absolutely love!! We had a small white rat named Sweet Pea that loved to either lay on my chest as we took a nap together or to hide in the hood of my sweatshirt. Then we had Lardbutt he was a giant black and white rat. I was so heartbroken when Sweet Pea passed. We got two more rats and this set had 20 babies. But they got to be too much so we gave them to our nephew and they all ended up with a n infection of the lungs that killed them all. Then we got a dog from the shelter and her name is Pepper paws. She is my Emotional support animal and my best buddy.