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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wake Up Wednesday Liny Party

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This weeks 
Featured Bloggers


Platter Talk

Glitter looks awesome in crafts, fashion & every girly thing. I am not mostly comfortable with my long nails but whenever they are long, I like wearing any color on my nails. Although I am a fan of nail art & everything related  manicure but I RARELY do it for my own nails, You will may be curious to know WHY..but seriously I don’t like it much for my own nails.As I have already a bit pinkish nail color so I never mind without painting nails. haha.. a good excuse..

15 Apple Home Decor Ideas

Whether you need some last minute ideas for your fall table or you just love decorating with fruit, this round up is sure to inspire! I love the way apples look as decor year round but they look especially festive for the holidays! Apples are so versatile, they will go perfect with fall or winter decor. I hope you like this collection of apple home decor ideas and please remember to pin from the original source when possible!

The expression, “to live within your means” gets thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean?

If your “means” is your income, then it could encompass everyone from people just getting by each month, to those who have substantial savings.

Bloggers Make Money with ShareASale

Bloggers Make Money with ShareASale // Budget Girl --- ShareASale is my favorite affiliate program for ads and it is SO EASY to get started! #advertising #monetize #money #blogging #shareasale #affiliate
ShareASale is basically a bridge between bloggers and sponsors. Affiliates (bloggers) and Merchants (sponsors) create accounts. Affiliates send requests to Merchants, asking to join their program, and Merchants choose to approve or deny.

If you love creativity and gardening then I am sure you will love this new gardening trend.  Creative people always come with amazing DIY ideas and gardeners are not exceptions.
A garden doesn’t have to be big, time-consuming to construct, or conventional. 

One of my favourite and essential skin care items is facial oil.

My skin is normally combination/oily. But it’s winter and I don’t have the funds to go on a tropical vacation, so my skin is super dry and dehydrated.

Enter facial oil.

Here is a super EASY DIY. When I first came across this idea I instantly knew I had to try it! I love the look of tinted Mason Jars…Turquoise and Green seem to be the hot colors right now, but you can actually tint mason jars any color you like. 

Deja Vu is My Current View

Being A Wordsmith
During the month of October last year, I had a lot going on:
I finally published my novel, Acting On Her Behalf, after 16 years.
I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress after 10 months of blogging. 
My friends, Dino and Margaret from Detroit, celebrated their wedding anniversary in New Orleans with me and Hubby.
The Deuce needed 2 Halloween costumes: 1 for his school’s theme and 1 for trick-or-treating in our subdivision.
Let’s fast forward to October 2014…

When God isn’t pleased with sharing…

Today’s is a tough subject and I am preaching to ME! You all are welcome to listen in…
This isn’t just about gossip, although gossip is a huge problem.

This isn’t just about talking behind our brother or sister’s back, but that is wrong too. We all are guilty.
I’m not just touching on the subject of “Oh, let me tell you about ‘Jim and Judy’ so you can ‘pray’ for them…”, when the time spent telling the prayer request could have been spent actually praying. Ouch.

The Search for the Last Flower

Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ve been working on this story for a while now. I was supposed to post the first installment of this short series two weeks ago but the story took on a life of its own. It’s finally done and it’s a little longer than I had anticipated. So I will be posting three times a week until the end. I hope you will follow the series all the way through. I appreciate any feedback you leave in the comments below. Thank you and enjoy. 

I love to share baked goods and sweet homemade treats during the holidays.  They make beautiful gifts and can be easily packaged and shared with plenty of family and friends throughout the season. 

So here at the Smith House, it’s all about holiday truffles and bonbons!

And over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing all sorts of fun recipes, gift ideas, and ways to share your own beautiful homemade treats.

Fall Decorations 2014

Home Is Where The Heart Is

When do you decorate for Fall? Do you decorate for a general Fall theme or do you change it up for Halloween and Thanksgiving? Most of my decor for Fall is of pumpkins and leaves and I add the color orange to my decor colors. Majority of my Fall decor is from my Mother-in-law. Each year, I like to change up my decor little bit from the year before. Plus I like to add to my Fall decor collection.

Perfect Coconut Pie Crust {Easy}

Deep Roots At Home
This coconut pie crust recipe is soooo easy; it looks amazing when served and tastes amazing, too.  It has only two ingredients (magical words, right?).

As we prepare for sweet family times of Thanksgiving around the dinner table, I decided to think ahead about the pies I might want to make. To make a very pretty pie and to save some time for myself as well, I decided to do several pies this year with a coconut pie crust. This low carb, gluten-free crust will be helpful for family and friends watching ingredients, as well.

You can add your family monogram to an entire set  or personalize one with the first initial of each guest at your table, using them like a place card, and then a pretty keepsake to take home that can be used in other ways.  You can make up a half dozen in less than 30 minutes and make a big impression on your guests.


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