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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party

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Featured Bloggers

Slouchy Gray + A Fun Announcement.

How are your layering skills? Fall is a good time to get some practice runs in, before winter takes hold and we’re all bundled up three sweaters deep. Use this transitional period to figure out how to mix pieces that keep you warm without overdosing on the bulk.

Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup
Um, there’s nothing better than a nice warm bowl of creamy chicken noodle soup to chase away the frore, fall chills. I usually make this creamy soup every fall (and winter) for my family. And it always turns out delicious! This soup will seriously warm your family up this fall (and winter), and it’s also perfect for those chilly days when you just cuddle up and watch TV with your family (um…who doesn’t love cuddling up with their family, right?). Your family won’t believe you didn’t spend all day chopping, stirring, and cooking this creamy and delicious soup. You can use whatever veggies you like — but I like to use carrots, celery, and an onion mix. You can use rotisserie chicken, baked chicken breast or leftover grilled chicken from the night before. Sounds super simple, right? That’s because it is.

Fall Chalkboard Sign

Don't you just love it when a project turns out even better than you anticipated? This one sure did! I'd had this picture in my mind of a chalkboard sign with a pumpkin on it for quite some time and I found the perfect plastic platter at Dollar Tree for the base.

Friendly Public Service Announcement: This recipe is fully loaded. Fully loaded with all the decadent sorts of ingredients you would expect from an Ultimate Chocolate Brownie – if you are on a diet, anti-sugar, anti-butter, anti-chocolate, anti-eggs, and really you just like raspberries then I kindly suggest you buy some fresh raspberries and do not read any further, doing so will be harmful to your blood pressure if not your health ;-) This recipe is that good it comes with a warning – haven’t done that before! It is a sometimes treat, all things in moderation, moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips yadda yadda yadda……… 
te he he ;-)

I grew up eating coconut right from the shell. Just as you see pictured here. Mmmm. It was kept on ice and opened when sold. The coconut water is so delicious. Double Mmmmm. And the flesh is really soft and sweet. Triple Mmmmm. Alright enough reminiscing.

That someone wasn’t me. I lie to my kids all the time.  I’m not just talking about the trifecta of deception:  Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.  I don’t creatively bend the truth.  I straight up lie like Pinnochio.  Am I ashamed?  No.  Lying to my kids saves my sanity, not to mention time and money.

Starbucks-Inspired Cinnamon Dolce Latte Recipe |
Let me set the scene for you. It’s the middle of June, 90+F in Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. The sun is beating down, we’ve been riding roller coasters for hours on end and our clothes have literally begun to drip with sweat. It’s time to re-hydrate. What drink do we choose to freshen us up on this scorching hot day. Why, a round of Cinnmon Dolce Lattes from Starbucks, of course.

Cornucopia Snack

It's that time of year where we celebrate all that we have been blessed with! Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year! I love all things fall, football, comfort food, and my birthday and Thanksgiving has them all! 
This cornucopia snack is easy to make and the perfect sweet, salty snack to enjoy this Thanksgiving season! 

Texas Turtle Sheet Cake

Paper DIY Christmas Ornaments


handmade tree decorations
I found this adorable musical note paper at Michael’s and knew right away that I wanted to make some Christmas ornaments out of it.

I looked for a template to use and found this tiny box template at Craftsy in the free downloads.

I didn’t print the template out on my musical note paper, instead I edit it to plain white and just print out  a copy I could use as a stencil.

How to Make Mini Bolts for Storing Fabric
A Vision to Remember All Things Handmade Blog
I have this thing, weird as it may be, about being able to easily see ALL of my fabric.  

Its a little difficult at times, especially with all different sizes of fabric.  

This is the solution that I use for my fabric that is close to a yard to 2 or 3 yards.  

Creamy Lamb Stew
Upstate Ramblings
Fall just seems to lend itself to soups and stews, and one of my favorite meats to use in stew is lamb.  So when I was asked to create a lamb recipe by the American Lamb Board I made this rich and creamy lamb stew, inspired by Indian flavors.

Whenever I wanted to sew something bigger than a hat or a ball, there's that additional cumbersome work that needs to be done BEFORE any cutting and actual sewing can happen: tracing the large pattern from the template onto the fabric. Oh, I hated that! I wanted to sew, not to trace and draw and then observe how much I missed the desired pattern line...

Until I found out about this easy solution to do it:

How to Make Your Own Baking Powder
Raia's Recipes

Baking powder. It’s the white fluffy stuff that makes your pancakes and biscuits rise, and it can be found in the kitchen of most baking moms across the country. But do you know what’s in it? Let’s take a look at the ingredients in one of the major brands of baking powder found in most grocery stores:


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  1. Hi, Anna, a big thank you for featuring my post at the party, you made my day :) (and I hope the pattern tracing hack you featured will help a lady or two to make sewing easier) xoxo Damjana

  2. What I love about the fall is watching the leaves turn such beautiful colors and it looks just so peaceful