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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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This weeks 
Featured Bloggers

Walnut Lime Tart
This dessert combines elements from two recipes: the walnut crust from Cool Lemon Dessert (also known as Lemon Delight); and the creamy lime filling from my Schwarz Lime Pie (my spin on key lime pie using limes from my tree). I have such affection for my lime tree. If you have followed me for any length of time, you are probably sick of hearing about it – but I do. My big beautiful tree in my backyard produces the sweetest and juiciest limes I know.

mandarin oranges peach leaves
Today I will be posting about my table makeover as a guest post at Katherine’s Corner who so kindly asked me to be her guest today. Please join me over at the lovely Katie’s today! See you there!

Sugar Cookie Butter Bars
I have heard a bit about cookie but­ter and my daughter-in-law Tawni said she would love to try it sometime.   So, for Tawni I gave this recipe a whirl and manzo!  This is def­i­nitely a piece of heaven on earth, oh yummy.….  When you make it, don’t think you have to keep straight­en­ing the edges either. You know what I mean, cut­ting small slices to ‘even it up’, hahaha.  It really is that deli­cious.

Welcome to Organising Mondays - today I am sharing the top 10 things I have implemented around the house which help keep things running smoothly. I have already told you about the control journal HERE and menu planning HERE - they are number one and two which feels a bit like cheating but I would be lying if I said they weren't.

2014 Pantone Color of the Year Desserts 
from Love and Duck Fat
2014 Pantone Color of the Year Desserts | Radiant Orchid
I have a background in art (check out my oil paintings here), and still get a little excited every year when Pantone releases their color of the year. The Pantone color of the year for 2014 is called, “Radiant Orchid.” It’s a shade of purple with a little touch of pink. The folks at Pantone describe Radiant Orchid as, “magical, warm and intriguing—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

Shabby Chic Cutlery Holders from Feeding Big
Cutlery Holder at photo cutleryholder_zps560c3144.jpg
Anyway, on to Mother’s Day.  I enjoy receiving and giving homemade gifts, don’t you?  This year, I decided to use some Jute Upholstery Webbing to make Shabby Chic Cutlery Holders.

My First Spring Tablescape 2014 
from Row House Events and Interiors

This year I will be joining a few of my friends that live around here who also are far away from their families to celebrate Easter.  We have reservations at the historic Eldridge hotel in Lawrence ks, for a day of catching up and what I am sure will be a fantastic time.  However the day before Easter I will host a brunch for a diferent group of people, and this is also the first time anyone sees my spring look, so I could not be more exited to finally get some feedback

DIY Spice Jars from Momdot
Update your Kitchen with Cuteness, DIY Spice Jar Technique . Inspiration from
And this week after listening to hoards of decoration ideas from my friends (and feeling even more sad about my white and dull space), I decided that if I cannot create the kitchen of my dreams, I could up my kitchen cuteness by refreshing and customizing the tiny items as showcase pieces.

French Rolling Pin and Dough Bowl 
from A Delightsome Life
I went to Atlanta to retrieve an auction item we’d won - garden tools. I bid on a French style bed and was outbid. Sigh. There will be one in my future!  I thought I’d see if there were any sales in the nearby area. There was – an Estate liquidation. Most of what I saw pictured didn’t appeal to me, but I decided to visit…and am I oh, so glad I did!

Classic Homemade Cinnamon Rolls 
from Old House to New Home
Cinnamon Roll recipe 
This weekend was a major cooking weekend for me. I had my family over for Easter dinner, which was the first time that I hosted a holiday, and in addition to that, I baked up two things that are definitely not in my comfort zone! On a whim Saturday afternoon, I decided that I wanted to make my Grandma's famous (they have been published!) dinner rolls. As I have mentioned here before, yeast has not always been my friend. In addition to the dinner rolls, I got the idea in my head that we NEEDED cinnamon rolls for Easter breakfast...I don't know why I was so determined to make these, but I am so glad I did!

When You Wake Up You'll Be Four 
from Boogers Are Yucky

Sweet dreams little one.  I love that you still fall asleep snuggled in my arms on this eve of your fourth birthday.  Every age you have been has been my favorite one, so even though I'm preparing to celebrate the beginning of a new year tomorrow, I'm mourning the end of this one.  What a year it has been.  From potty training to snow skiing to freediving.  I'm in awe of you, and have been since the first time I felt you move inside my body.

Pearl Harbor Pillbox Hat from Dolly Creates

I have been looking everywhere for vintage dress patterns, so I happened to go to Sense and Sensibility Patterns' website. Whilst browsing through the 40s and 50s categories, I saw the pattern for the Pearl Harbor Pillbox Hat. I of course fell in love with it immediately

DIY Container Garden - Planning & Planting
 from Little Greenwoods
DIY Container Garden: Planning & Planting {}
Construction is complete on our DIY Container Garden. Now it’s time for planting. Yay!
But before we can get all excited about digging into our newly built garden we need to do a bit of planning about exactly what we want to grow. We also need to learn about what veggies will actually produce during our extremely hot summers.

Teaching Your Toddler About Jesus 
from The Life of Faith
This is a topic very dear to my heart. My relationship with Christ is so important, as is my relationship with my daughter. I want so badly for my daughter to grow up knowing the Lord, and I firmly believe that teaching her about Jesus is something that starts from the very beginning, even now.

Best Ever Chocolate Banana Bread 
from Happy, Healthy and Domestic
This chocolate banana bread is the bombdotcom! My wonderful friend and next door neighbor, Katie,  has treated me to this wonderful bread a couple times, most recently as a treat for my birthday and it was the perfect snack on my road trip to SLC. I begged her for the recipe and made it for myself. I looooove it and since it has bananas in it, I can totally have it for breakfast, right?

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