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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Teasured Finds

Hello everyone,
As you may have guessed Sew Crafty Angel and I are buddies. We've been pals for a long time. This past Saturday we decide to have a little road trip together and have a mini shopping spree. It was a total blast and was much needed fun.

This little post is to share some of the new treasures that I found throughout the day.

I love these two little shabby chic wall shelves. They're perfect for holding my colored pencils, and I put them right at desk level so I can actually see and reach them, which is a definite plus. They've been quite useful and they really inspire me to color more, which is always a good thing.

This is a future craft project. 
The paper/pen holder is adorable but the color isn't quite right for my room. So a little warm white craft paint and some Prima rose heart corners and centerpiece and I think it'll look pretty cute. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with it after that but I'll find the perfect place for it.

Oh yeah, Halloween candy sneak peak, lol.
I just couldn't go into a craft store and not pick out a few goodies for later on. I'm still working on this collection but I think it'll be a pretty fun lot for this holiday season. Hopefully I'll have it all put together and posted soon.

And my favorite find of the day,
wasn't a find at all.
It was a gift.

Angel made me this beautiful shelf to hold my punchies.
She's so talented at this sort of thing. So far she's made me 3 huge spice racks ( I really love to cook) and now this for my craft room. I am so grateful and I truly love it.

Hope you all enjoyed stopping by.
I loved having you here.

You can stop by Angels' blog to see all her fantastic finds too.



  1. Awesome Anna, I would need a hundred of the shelves to put my gear on should send you a pic of my stuff. Great buys though, they are fab.xx

  2. Ooooh !!! fabbo goodies and I LUV that lil' dog :-) That is one amazing shelf unit - how clever she is :-) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. wow!! fabulous!! glad to know that u guys had a gr8 time :) the shelf is lovely and u have an awesome collection of punches :)

  4. Awesome finds!! love your new shabby pencil holder!!

  5. Lovely buys and shelf looks wonderful, just what we all NEED. xxx

  6. What great storage, but I still definately need a full room. Hugs, Jen xx
    Krafty Keepsakes

  7. WOUW some really great findings. I too love that rack for your punches, it is such a great idea, if you just have enough wallspace, which I unfortunately don´t, but I love the idea.

  8. Ohhh, those racks are PERFECT for storing art supplies - great idea!

  9. I love that storage rack. What a perfect friend for doing that for you! :) Hugs~Patti

  10. I love shelves & storage items that work out perfectly!! You are so lucky to have a wonderful friend that can help you out!!

  11. Wow Anna I love your little baskets that would be wonderful to put up for my markers and pencils. must keep my open for something like this.

  12. Love the Baskets for all your pencils just fantastic to look at :)