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Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Peek Inside My Creative Mind

If you were to peek inside my mind...

You'd at first be amazed at the organization. 
Perfect lists, major priorities, fun kid friendly activities... 
but dig a little deeper; and it's like looking behind a closed door.
So much rubble is just waiting to tumble the moment it is disturbed. 
Seriously, I have a mind that runs nonstop and seems to collect every detail for later use.

I try my best to somehow let it all spill out onto paper. 
Drawing, journaling, coloring...overall just creating.
Using one memory at a time to fuel my inspiration. 

Some days my desk is a complicated mess of projects. As many as I can fit onto the small tabletop. 
Books, markers, pencils, photos, paint; and a dozen half finished works of art.

This is my current state of mind.
"Get it all down and polish it later."

Here's an inside view of the creative fun.

 An overhead view of my work desk. Contains: Journal, sketchbook, Midori travelers notebook as an art journal, colored digital stamp, and pen & pencil pouch.

Stacked and pretty. A side glace at my must have books and my favorite pencil and utility carrier.(It's actually a wristlet  purse, but works great for art supplies.)

Freedom to Create, colored in Copic markers.
Love this image!

A newly finished art journal page. I think this layout is beautiful. Most definitely my favorite mixed 
 media work yet. 

A nearly finished work in progress. I love this sketch. It's just soft & romantic. A little ink and a bit of color and this Cuddlebug will be ready to go.

A autumn remake. One of my original Cuddlebugs redrawn with bigger eyes, fluffier hair, and sitting pretty on a tree.

Love the pose, love the theme, still working on the bottom half. I'm just not sure of the legs. It's cute with the socks, but a fluffy skirt might be fun too? Still contemplating this Halloween witch Cuddlebug. 

Hope you enjoyed sharing my creative prospects. 
Check out my Instagram for nearly daily works in progress updates.



  1. Great post, Anna. Enjoyed the read and the pics.

  2. WAUW you really are a very talented girl, and I can´t wait to see all these girls all finished. They´re all sooo cute and gorgeous, and I love the socks on the last one, as it kind of seem sooo real, just as a girl would be, enjoying an afternoon at home relaxing on a cold day, so she seems sooo real to me this way. And that mixed media page is absolutely stunning. It´s something I´ve never dared to try yet, but I love to see others work in this field, and this is sooo gorgeous.
    Thanks soo much for sharing your lovely work with us here, it´s really amazing and sooo beautiful.
    Thanks soo mu

  3. oh my goodness ... how talented you are ... just love your little girlies ... well done and thank you so much for sharing them with us ... hope you are having a great weekend ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  4. Tha ks for hosting and posting! Lovely journal page!