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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hello Everyone,

I finally receive my boots. Yay!! I had given up on getting them and left for the afternoon. After being gone for a few hours I find that it had been raining, for quite sometime. I checked my tracking number to see where my shoes were and you guessed it, sitting on my front step. Suede shoes sitting in the rain, all I could do was laugh. When I got home I was thrilled to find that the delivery person had wrapped them and a plastic bag and they were completely dry.

(I did a little happy dance when no one was looking.)

Then over the weekend, the best event ever.
My little guy looked up at me
little arms stretched up 
said Mama

First time. I melted. It was so wonderful.
(Major happy dance)

Nadia Cuddlebug Cuties

I started a new art journal and Nadia is the first cuddlebug in it. I'm still working on her set of pages but I'm enjoying a fresh start in a new book. I enjoy having dozens of blank pages and imaging what I will create on them. So much fun.

Nadia Cuddlebug Cuties

Enjoy coloring and crafting with Nadia but please give me, Anna Stillwell at Cuddlebug Cuties, credit for drawing her.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful Halloween.


Monday, October 22, 2012


Hi everybody,
I've had the most unproductive day. I ordered a pair of shoes off of Zappos and they should be arriving today, so I've spent the whole day watching for the UPS guy to come down my street. I felt like such a little kid, checking every few minutes thinking is he here yet, lol. Even when I left the house I kept checking the tracking number on my phone. 

Now it's the afternoon and still no shoe package yet. It's funny, I'm so excited over a pair of winter boots that I can't even wear yet because it's to hot outside.

I did take a little break from looking out the window to work on a new illustration. 
This is Zoe. 

Zoe Cuddlebug Cuties

I love it when I have a drawing that can sit on different elements of my projects. Versatility is good.
She could sit on a strand of ribbon with her legs swinging over or maybe on a framed box full of heartwarming text. 

Zoe sitting on a pumpkin Cuddlebug Cuties

Or maybe sitting on another digi. This pumpkin would be great for Halloween or Autumn. 

Zoe Cuddlebug Cuties

Pumpkin Cuddlebug Cuties

Enjoy coloring and crafting with Zoe and the pumpkin but please give me, Anna Stillwell at Cuddlebug Cuties, credit for drawing them.
 Have a wonderful week everyone.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Good evening everyone,
It's been much to long since my last post. 
Everyone in my family got sick, but not all at the same time. We all took turns, so as soon as one of us started to feel better someone else got the sniffles. By the time we all felt better I was just exhausted. 

I wanted to sit down and draw but my creativity told me; nope, I'm tired and on vacation, lol. So, I decided maybe I needed to take a few days to rest and recuperate. But I don't really enjoy sitting for very long and I missed you guys.

So last night I popped out my sketch pad and got to work.

Sierra Cuddlebug Cuties
Sierra Cuddlebug Cuties

Enjoy coloring and crafting with Sierra but please give me, Anna Stillwell at Cuddlebug Cuties, credit for drawing her.

Don't forget to check out my blog candy here.

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, October 1, 2012


Hi everyone,
Are you guys ready for candy?

Candy Cuddlebug Cuties
Silly question

Ok, I put everyone's name in a box and had my little helper draw the lucky winner of the Martha Stewart September candy.

And the winner is:

Congratulations!!! Send me an email with your address and I'll mail out your new toys.

Now for Octobers blog candy.

October 2012 Blog Candy Cuddlebug Cuties

This is a nice fall colored set. 
It contains: 
My Mind's Eye All Spice 6X6 paper pad with 24 sheets 
Recollections adhesive rhinestones 116 pieces 
K&Company 12 piece dimensional bird stickers 
1 set of ribbon in green and orange 3/8"X9ft

 If you want to be entered in the Octobers Candy Drawing all you have to do is be a follower and add you name to the link list below.
I'd love it and would be very grateful if you post a pic of it on your sidebar, but it is not required to enter.
 Good luck everyone.

 The Candy digi will be free for the month of October 2012.
 Enjoy coloring and crafting with her but please give me, Anna Stillwell at Cuddlebug Cuties, credit for drawing her.

Have a great week everyone!