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Monday, February 1, 2016

My Paper Addiction...The Traveler's Notebook

Creative addictions...
I have them, I admit it. 
Paper, it's my not so secret happiness enabler. 

It gives me joy. 
I find bliss in textures, sizes,'s my creative canvas and it's potential is endless.

My collection grows as the years pass. Journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, planners, even old vintage books that I can repurpose. 

All this being said, there is one book that I love the most.
The Traveler's Notebook.
I adore this little treasure keeper.
I've tried to replace it with other pretties, but they are just not the same. 
I always return.

Both the original Midori and faux ones are amazing. 
Choose the size, cover material, and notebooks you love and stuff it full.
Change your books on any given whim. 
Add little pencil pouchs, pen loops, card holders...there is so much to create to make this little set of books uniquely you.
They make great journals, planners, art journals, and so much more.

Mine currently contains; 
Book one: Journal both for thoughts and sketches
Book two: Planner
Book three: Leather zip pouch / card holder.
Book four: Jotter notebook, just for random thoughts, ideas, and events.

This little book has become my carry everywhere notebook.

Until next time, continue to create the precious works within your heart.