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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party

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Girly Multitasking: Make the Most of Your Workout

I feel better about life when my nails are painted.  It’s such a silly “first-world” thing that I’m almost ashamed to admit it…almost.  But I say that because I know I’m not alone in that fact.  I realize all of my male readers are currently rolling their eyes at me or clicking off my blog, BUT before you do, hang with me a second.  

I Am Officially a Curler

To be honest, that title is a stretch.  In reality,  I am now a member of a Friday night mixed curling league.  So I am assuming it is official.
For those readers who are from the Southern US or other parts of the Globe, you may have no idea what I am talking about.  For starters, being a curler has absolutely nothing to do with HAIR!

Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookies

Look no further for a kid-friendly treat this fall because this recipe for Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookies is not only delicious, but these cookies are adorable! Get all the fall fun of pumpkin pie without grossing out your picky eater. These cookies are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving dinner, school party, or work party!


All The V's

We’re not a family of serious people, for the most part. I mean, just look at the decor on my desk: a Minecraft “torch,” a Doctor Who thermos that started leaking and was repurposed as a pen holder, a desk calendar from Someecards that currently says “Congratulations on not being sterile,” and there are very tiny painted characters from the Half Life video game series lined up under my monitor that my husband painted for me, because he’s awesome at painting incredibly tiny things and is also silly and nerdy like me. We’re dang near sole mates, I tell ya. Silly, nerdy, dorky sole mates.

Make Your Own Princess Hair Tie Holder

Gym. Craft. Laundry.

I am still in the middle of my decluttering project but I had to share this next craft with you guys.  Pea has long, luxurious, snarly hair so I always put it up.  If you have a little girl with long hair or long hair yourself you probably have the same problem I have…

Snickerdoodle Sugar Scrub

You Brew My Tea

Snickerdoodle Sugar Scrub
Who doesn’t love the smell of baked goods? Sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and other spices being warmed up in the oven creating an irresistible smell. They make an amazing scent for homemade body products too- Like this delicious Snickerdoodle Sugar Scrub.   This scrub exfoliates gently and leaves your skin soft, moisturized, and fragrant. I like to keep a jar of this on the shelf next to the shower and use it a couple times a week for a quick spa experience. It also makes a wonderful homemade gift in a pretty jar with a simple tag attached to identify the scent.  What is your favorite body product scent?

Baked Cinnamon & Sugar Pumpkin Donuts

An easy, baked recipe. And what is great about this recipe if you don’t have a donut pan, just use a mini-muffin/cupcake pan and make these into donut holes. YUM!
With the cinnamon and sugar coating and the pumpkin and spiced donut, you seriously won’t be able to get enough.
I have always thought that donuts were hard to make, that was until I made them.
This fall will be known in our family as the “Donut Year” well become recently I have only made a few.

Infused Water

Robyn's View

You know that you are supposed to drink those 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. But what are you to do when you can’t stand the taste of water? Maybe you think it lacks flavor at all and doesn’t interest you; maybe you think it has an off flavor that you can’t just get past because of the treatment to make it drinkable. Whatever the reason you are turned off by water, you can improve the taste and the nutrition of your water by infusing it with fruit.

Rustic Log Holiday Card Display

Anything & Everything

Pretty soon those beautiful family Holiday cards from your friends and family will start filling up your mailbox.  Will you have somewhere to display them when they do?  Well now you will.  I have always been the one that just places them all over the fridge, just crowding up space and leaving it looking even more cluttered than it already is.  So when I stumbled upon some branches from my neighbors tree that he had just trimmed, I jumped on the opportunity to take a few off his hands :)

The Importance of Daddy Time

In celebration of my husband's recent birthday, yup my sister and husband's birthdays are 4 days apart. November is a party month for us :) Anyway, I thought I would take a break from the typical mommy post to talk about the importance of daddy time. My little guy has always had such a great relationship with my husband and I am so thankful for that. I am extremely blessed that I have a husband who from day one has been very hands on. This is going to sounds bad to admit but here we go...I didn't even change one of little man's diapers until he was three weeks old and my husband went back to work. Daddy award is deserved right there! 

Mason Jar Gift Bags Tutorial

Do you like to give gifts in mason jars? There are so many ideas for what to put inside-candy, jams, cookie mixes, candles, even sewing kits. Here's how to wrap them up so the contents are a surprise: cute fabric drawstring bags! 

South­ern Grits & Germany

A Mothers Shadow

Can you for­give some­one who has wronged you or your family?
Can you love an enemy?  I have an expe­ri­ence to share that will encour­age grat­i­tude and extend­ing a help­ing hand.

Totally Rad 80’s Things Your Kids Need to Know

Before streaming, dvd’s, or cd’s.  There was the 80s.  Back when using your tape recorder to make a mix tape off the radio was cool.  A time when real people worked at the radio station, and you could call and dedicate a TOTALLY AWESOME song from White Snake.  Madonna was as scandalous as we got, and regular people still smoked cigarettes on TV.
Boy have times changed for the good and bad!  But you all know that as a child of the 80s you have a responsibility to share the neon pink, big-haired, blue-eyeliner days of the past.

Thanksgiving Decorations

thanksgiving collage
I love decorating for the holidays!  Each holiday is so different that it’s fun to come up with new things. I’m in love with my THANKS sign. It was so simple to do but makes a big statement. First, I sprayed my board with a texture spray paint. It is so cool, it looks completely different that regular spray paint

DIY: Super Easy Snowflake Pipe Cleaners

Living Frugal with Erika

I love to find simple crafts to do indoors during the colder months. If you are looking for something fun, try this out! Not only is it a simple and fun craft, you can use them to decorate the house! Our kiddos love to see their decorations on our house! You can pick up the supplies needed at most any store and will not break the bank for this fun craft!

Bee's Wax Christmas Ornaments

My cousin Amy brought a crock pot full of bee's wax on her visit last weekend.  We wanted to make a few projects with it.  When I went downstairs to find candle wick to make candles, I found a Christmas chocolate mold instead and I thought to make ornaments with it.

Yellow Coconut Cake with Cocoa Buttercream Frosting

Tender yellow cake is layered with fluffy cocoa buttercream, and all gently sweetened with the floral notes of raw honey.  Fresh milk, eggs with richly colored yolks, and dense coconut flour combine to make a cake of substance that won’t throw you into a sugar-spiral.  It is nice to enjoy your food without having to pay the price for it later!


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