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Monday, May 18, 2015

Sweet Violet Cuddlebug

It's been a long and trying week, but somehow I finally feel like I came out on top.

Last night was a close call for a bit of a superwoman breakdown.
At 1am I'm rushing into a 24hr animal emergency room begging the poor girl behind the desk to find me a doctor who treated rats... looking back now; her face was quite priceless.
Long story short; when male rats get into a squabble it's bad. Really bad, and stitches are likely. Everything worked out fine. My little furbaby is all fixed and has been spoiled all day. I think he quite likes laying on my drawing desk and getting hand fed little veges one at a time. Did I say spoiled? 

He hasn't move to terribly much but he seemed to enjoy watching me draw and color my latest digi. He'd do his cute purr and his eyes would boggle when I'd talk to him. Every now and then, he'd do a long stretch toward me and give my hand a dozen or so kisses.  It's really been sweet. 

Sad as the entire experience was, bonding with him today has just seemed to make all of the tough moments from the week evaporate. They really didn't have as much weight as I thought they did in the moment. He brought quite a bit of peace to my heart and mind. Big blessing can come in small packages.

Sweet Violet Cuddlebug Cuties

Sweet Violet Cuddlebug Cuties
Skin: E50, 30, 11, 13 R20
Hair: E29, 39, 23, 21
Dress: V09, 6, 12, 01
BG78, 49, 45, 01, G21, Y11
E33, Y35, YR 31, 30
Enjoy coloring and crafting with Sweet Violet, but please give me; Anna Stillwell at Cuddlebug Cuties, credit for drawing her.


  1. She's sooo pretty - THANK YOU, and I am really glad your ratty is recovering well :-D
    IKE in Greece xx

  2. Oh my Anna, she´s soo gorgeous. You really have gone over the top this time again and made such a beauty here. My girls are comming this afternoon and I know, they´ll love her too, so guess she´ll be colored right away here ha ha ha.
    Glad to hear your little friend is recovering soo fast and well.

  3. Thank you. I am glad your little rat is okay.

  4. Anna,this is beautiful!!! Thanks.(Анна, это прекрасно,спасибо за картинки!)

  5. She's beautiful! I love how you colored her. Thank you so much for sharing her with us.

  6. Lovely Violet is going to be made into a card for my cousin, Vi short for Violet.
    Thank you so much.
    XO Nana

  7. Adorable..............thank you so much!