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Monday, May 4, 2015

Art Planner with the Filofax Malden Pocket

I love using my planner as a way to express my creativity. 
Suddenly a list of chores can make me smile a bit while looking at all the pretties surrounding it.
Fun stickers, post its, die cuts, multicolored pens...
I feel like a bit of a kid...and I love it!
I say anywhere you can make a some joy for yourself; do it.

I recently picked up a little Filofax Malden Pocket Organizer for my on the go travels.
It's a fantastic fit for your purse. There's enough room to write and it's very light weight making it easy to carry with you everywhere. It's full of pockets; it would make a great little organizer / wallet too. 

For the moment I'm filling the pages with adorable kitties and puppies.
Many of the images are vintage. I fell in love with many of the older images and now I am constantly on the look out for more. I love how unique they make my little art planner.

Cuddlebug Cuties Filofax Setup Cat & Dog Themed

Cuddlebug Cuties Filofax Dashboard Cat Sticky Notes & Pretty Clips

Filofax Tab with Vintage Puppies

Filofax Layout Kitty Themed
Filofax Setup Notes Section Kitty Themed


  1. This is so beautiful, and you just gave me a bright idea too how this would come in really handyy. I just thought I would make a startset for each of the bigger girls, so they can use it at school to write their homework down in too, and as they all loves to draw and color and decorate too, they could make their own as they go, if I make a set with small stickers, images and toppers that all fit into a certain theme for each girl, and maybe just decorate the cover foreach of them, then they can continue as they get through the book and decorate it as they like. I´m sure, it´ll be awesome to see them all after a year then. So think, that´ll be a great gift for each girl for their summer holiday, so they can start the new schoolyear with a new book.
    Thanks sooo much for all your great ideas and lovely images all the time. We all love them.

  2. It's so adorable! How can you not be happy when you see pictures of kitties and puppies?

  3. aww... thats soo cute

  4. Awesome ideal on the planner, I never through about doing planner . Thank you for sharing this opportunity.