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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mori Girl

I have been so inspired by mori girl style.
Have you heard of it? It is just absolutely adorable.
It's a Japanese style that means forest girl. It's layers and frills and looks so comfy. I would guess that these girls spend forever getting ready, but it really comes across as easy comfortable fashion. 

I have found studying the clothes to be a lot of fun. The outfits work so well with my drawing style. It's quirky, with lots of interesting pieces that just add a little extra something. Creativity just jumps from the clothing onto my sketchbook. Love it!

I sketched out my first cuddlebug mori girl three times. I changed her hair and clothes a bit with each redo. About halfway through the third drawing, I realized this was it. Just what I wanted to achieve. Cute and adorable with a touch of my own style.

I thought it would be fun to show everyone a bit of my sketching process; so I took a handful of pictures along the way. Even though I decided that the last one was what I wanted; the other girls will be great to save for later inspiration.

I love the shoes in the third picture. Definitely going to have to make a cuddlebug with those sock and tights layers.

I believe I'm going to use these works in progress photos in my instagram. I've been wanting to revise the content to make it more arts and crafts related. Right now it's kind of random, but I would love it to be more of sketching, coloring, and supplies. Sticking with my own interests instead of just photos of everything around me. I honestly believe that would give me more to photograph too.

This is my goal for this week. Add little bits of daily creativity to instagram.

Mori Girl Cuddlebug Cuties

Enjoy coloring and crafting with Mori Girl but please give me, Anna Stillwell at Cuddlebug Cuties, Credit for drawing her.



  1. Oh my gosh Anna, she´s soo beautiful. I love her, but I must also admit, I absolutely adore the first one, you shows here too. The one in the dress is just amazing too and really gorgeous. Boy I wish, I was as talented as you to make something like this, but I´m definitely NOT.
    Exited to hear, what the girls will say to this, when they come for the autumnbreak here at the week-end, but I´m pretty sure, they´ll just squeel, when they see her and absolutely love her too.
    Wonderful work here as always hun, and thanks so very much for always sharing it here with us too.

  2. Hi Anna, wow I love the girls that you draw. They are so pretty and cute!

  3. Many thanks:) You are a fab artist

  4. Wow, she's fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Super cute and I love the way you draw. This girl is FABulous - thank you xxxxxxxxx

  6. Really fun to see your process and beautiful artwork! thanks for sharing!

  7. She looks fabulous! Pinned. We couldn’t think of anyone better to party with! Thank you for stopping by. I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm.
    Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  8. She is just incredible! Thank you!