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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Adopted Furbabies Inspired Art Journal Spread

I am an animal lover.
I have bought food for my dog when I had none,
 I have patted a mangy head with a bare hand.
I have hugged those that are vicious because they're afraid.
 I have fallen in love a thousand times,
...and I have cried into the fur of a lifeless 
body more times than I could bare.
I am an animal lover, my home is never quiet,
my wallet is always empty,
but my heart is always full.


I love this quote. It rings so true to me. 

Recently, I have rescued a handful of new fur-kids.
I am truly smitten with them, but I have faced loads of stereotyped negativity for giving them a forever home.
I really don't understand the idea that some lives matter less than others.
I know that saving one animal won't change the world, but it changes the world for that one animal. Seems like you were given the ability to change a life, why waste it. 

I am an animal lover.
If you asked me what type of animal person I am...
I'd tell you I'm a cat person. There isn't a kitty in this world that I wouldn't drop to my knees and cuddle.

If you asked me who my best friend is...
I'd tell you it's my dog. We have a special bond and we are together nearly 24/7. She's always happy, always makes me smile, always there when I need a shoulder to cry on, she's my buddy.

If you asked me who my most social and well trained pet is...
I'd tell you it's my new handful of fancy rats.

Yes, I did say rats,
Fancy Rats.
This is where the negativity usually begins. I'm not expecting to change anybody's perception, and not really expecting anyone to agree with me. So far, no one has supported me in my decision to rescue them. Honestly, I'm okay with that. I too, had a bit of fear lurking in the back corners of my brain when I first came upon them, but they were in need and I'm not capable of turning my back and forgetting.

In the past several weeks they've have taught me so much about respecting animals.
They are so incredibly sweet and beyond smart.
I easily litter box trained them, they take food so softly and gentle, they come when I call them, and my most special one will run up and kiss you like a dog would. He'll lick your hands or your cheek, it's so cute.  
They all love to snuggle and will sit in your lap endlessly to get petted. 
I have zero fear of aggression from them. They'll let you give them baths, groom them, check their teeth...and not even a squeak out of them. Actually, something kinda interesting; they purr. It's very similar to when a kitty is happy. Sometimes they get so into it their eyes bug out and kind of wobble. It's one of the funniest and most adorable things I've ever seen.

They are not the evil pests that I feared.
They are just like any other animal.
They want to be loved and feel safe.

I love my new fur babies, and I'm okay with being just a little bit different.
This is just who I am, and I except that. I'm not perfect but I have a good heart.

I want to share some fun Halloween photos I took of the new little guys. 
We were having so much fun bonding and picture taking.
I've also have an art journal work in progress inspired by them.

If you are truly afraid / phobic of fancy rats, I understand. 
You may want to skip the following pictures, as I don't wish to give anyone bad dreams tonight. 
And if you can't look it's okay, I can't stand looking at pictures of spiders or sharks; I shudder every time.

This is Thor. He is my heart rat. He is so curious about everything. He spends most of the day on my shoulder then running down my arm to inspect everything he can get his little paws on. When I draw hes sits on my wrist and watches every move I make. He just like being included in everything.

Jax, my snuggler. Loves to cuddle and will except lovins from anybody. He's my biggest guy and I got a really good laugh watching how determined he was to squish is butt into this fish aquarium prop. 

Loki, super sweet little baby and so tiny. He was 5 weeks old when I took this picture. He will start purring almost the moment you touch him. He's just a very content happy little guy.

Jasper, my smallest and palest addition. Loki's brother and also 5 weeks at the time of the photo. He loves to hide in the collar of your shirt. Nothing but his little nose sticking out. 

I have three more adorable cuties, but they came a few days after these photos. I'm not sure if abused is the right term for their previous situation but they all came to me in different states of suffering. But a lot of love, bit of vet visits, some medicine and some dental work and they are all very happy and adjusting well to actually being wanted and loved. I'll have photos of them soon.

And now for the artsy stuff.
This is an art journal page work in progress.
It's dedicated to my new family members. 
Two of my unpictured ratties have dumbo ears, so I had to draw big adorable ears.
And the cuddlebug on the left would be holding Thor. This is where he is most commonly trying to explore from.

Love this Cuddlebug. Definitely going to ink her up and make her a digi soon.



  1. How amazing - I love your new fur babies :-D Rats are so intelligent and make great pets.I knew a young girl who had one that she used to carry around in a little bag - it went everwhere !!
    Great new sketches - can't wait to see those as digis :-D
    IKE in Greece xxxxxxxxxxx.

  2. I admit, I´m not a ratlover, and could never have them as pets, but when that is said, I know, that many others do, and have great fun with them, and that´s perfectly okay for me too, as long as they don´t expect me to touch them, cause I´m not sure, I could do that. But when that is said, as long as they can accept, that I can´t touch them, thenI can very well accept, that they can, as we´re all different, and I don´t have any problems with spiders or that kind of things, and also accept, that really many people get complletely hysterical, if they even see one of those, so in my world, it´s just all about to accept, that we´re all different, and that´s okay. We don´t have to like the same things, to like each other right? And I absolutely LOVE your drawed ones, and look forward to see them on a digi too soon, and I know, the girls would love them too.

  3. I love that you rescued them. They are God's creatures and deserve loving just like any other furbaby we would have. And your pictures are absolutely stunning. I can certainly see their character in their photos. I found a nest of mice when I was a teenager and the mother was dead near the nest. My parents let me raise them - I couldn't bear the thought of them dying also. I love your drawing of the rat/mouse with big ears. I would love to see that as line art or colored in the near future. BTW, I'm like you...give me a mouse or rat any day, but please NO spiders!!! Ugh!!