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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Someday Dreams Smashbook Layout...Sewing Room

In my someday craft studio,
 I would love to have a little corner of the room dedicated to sewing.
Sewing is not my finest craft, but I love to create quilts.
They are such amazing works of art.
And it's fun to decorate a room based on a quilt that you created.

So someday, I hope to have a great craft room with space to paper craft and sew. Spools of thread on one wall and markers on another.
Doesn't that sound like fun?

I found the photos for this smash set out of a Romantic Homes magazine.
Every page full of beautiful photography,
but I just fell in love with the soft colors of this sewing room.
 So open, with beautiful fabrics lining the walls and sweet dressforms decorating every corner.



  1. Jo, det lyder lækkert, det ville jeg også ønske mig, når jeg skal have min symaskine frem skal jeg først rydde alt mit papir arbejde af vejen. knus morkaren.

  2. WOW that sounds and looks absolutely awesome Anna. I admit, I do have the space, but don´t sew enough anymore to use any space for that, so I must confess my papercrafting has taken all the space here, and I can also tell you, that when you get all this space some day, you´ll just soon ask for even more, cause we just tend to get loads of more stuff tucked in there right away then, so it still wount be enough ha ha ha. But it really means a lot, that you can have a space where there´s room to do everything you like, without having to remove one thing to do another, and that is definitely something I really love today. I don´t have to first remove loads of one thing to get onto another project, and I can often be onto several different project at the samae time, and that is awesome.
    I hope, you´ll have your dream fulfilled some day, It´s really amazing, when that dream does come true, that´s for sure. It also took me many many years, but I still remember the feeling, that night, when I had the last moved into that wonderful new room, even it doesn´t look quite as nice and romantic as on your pictures here ha ha ha, but we all have to make compromices don´t we?
    have a wonderful week ahead now hun.

  3. Your dream craft room sounds lovely. I personally have great aspirations to be in my "dream home" where I every thing is perfectly in place and where I will have room to do things I enjoy - cooking, rubber-stamping, and working on my blog. For now, I struggle doing all these things in cramped spacing. I do have a roof over my head and for that I'm eternally grateful. Life is good! Hopping over from the Linky Climb party and am now following you on Google+ (GFC won't let me join for some reason). Anywho, I hope to see you at my place, Curious as a Cathy, sometime!

  4. Hi I am a co host along side you at the climb blog hop. I really love your ideas for your room and I want that room as well, its super cute. I also love your header I am a cat lady as well . Very nice to meet you

  5. Such a lovely room and a beautiful page.

  6. I have another post this time using Carlie. here's the link