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Monday, October 7, 2013

Smashbook Layout and a Digi

I've come to realize a few thing while making my first layout in my Someday Dream Home Smashbook.
First, I have a lot of magazines. I mean tons. I was a bit shocked at how many I have amassed over the years. I think this project was in the making long before I decided to glue it to paper, lol.
A little piece of my collection
I started collecting so many pages for my  book that I had to start sorting them in file folders.
I'm still not finished going through all of my magazines and I think I'm going to need several smashbooks to store my collection of favorite photos.
Filed for later

The second thing I realized is that I really want to redecorate my entire house now. 
I have the biggest urge to finish my basement and convert our garage into a huge dining / living room. I doubt my husband would go for the last part but I could see myself getting excited one day while he's gone and start tearing a hole in the wall between our living room and garage. I mean we could just by a shed to house his motorcycle in, right? And cars can be parked on the street. I know, my story still has some holes in it, but a girl can dream. And since we're dreaming maybe I could just make it a huge craft room.

But anyways,
I started my first layout and decided that I would do the bedroom first. I've held on to one favorite magazine since 2007 because of a beautiful bedroom picture. I think this one photo started my collection, and it only seemed natural to start my project with it.

It's a beautiful pink shabby chic room. Layers of romantic bedding, cutesy lamps, and old wooden shutters as a headboard. I fell in love with this room so many years ago and I love it more and more as I grow older. I've imitated the room many times over, and amassed a huge collection of Rachael Ashwell quilts while doing so. As well as some other well loved romantic shabby chic decor.
Favorite corner of my bedroom

I still haven't decided how to decorate my pages yet. Just a collage of all my pictures or tons of over the top embellishments. Maybe a little bit of both.

One thing I do know, is that I'm going to fill the pages and add lots of Cuddlebugs along the way.
Genevieve Cuddlebug Cuties
Genevieve Cuddlebug Cuties

 Enjoy coloring and crafting with Genevieve but please give me, Anna Stillwell at Cuddlebug Cuties, credit for drawing her.


Have a wonderful day everyone.




  1. what a lovely read. I'd go for the craft room!!. thanks so much for a gorgeous freebie xx

  2. Beautiful pics and thanks for the digi :)

  3. So glad to have a new cutie. Thanks, Anna.

  4. Genevieve is very beautiful!! love her.. thank you so much for sharing her..
    <a href=">Moxie Craftie</a>

  5. Lovely pics, Anna!! and the image is so cute, Thanks!!

  6. Wunderschöne Bilder. Vielen Dank für´s zeigen und den tollen Digi.

    Liebe Grüße, Carmen

  7. Hi Anna,
    I love your blog and am always visiting.
    I absolutely adore your digi stamps and down load and use them, I think you are a most wonderfully talented person, and because you are also such a wonderful person, you give to those of us who can't draw the most wonderful things to use.
    So thank you for everything that you do for us.
    I have one problem, I can usually download your images with no problem, but the beautiful lady that you have on today, I canot open. Maybe it is because South Africa is so backwards, but I just keep getting a message when I try and open it, invalid image. Please could we return to whatever image type you had before, as nice stuff is not easy to get in South Africa, and your drawings are stunning. Pretty Please. This is the only one that I have not been able to get. Once again thank you for everything you do for us.
    I hope that you have a fantastic day.
    Love and best wishes.

    1. Hi there,
      I uploaded Genevieve again, if it still doesn't work email me at and I'll email her to you :)

    2. It worked just fine this time Anna. I also got a weird webfile for the outlineimage earlier, but this time it showed likem a nice jpeg image, when enlarged, so it´s fine, thanks so very much.

  8. Thank you so much for this wonderful image Anna, you are very kind is sharing all your digis with everyone. Hugs, Jen xx
    Krafty Keepsakes

  9. WOUW somwe really stunning pictures here today. I absolutely LOVE that favorit corner of your bedroom picture. That little table there is soooooooooooooooo adorable and looks so awesome.
    And thank you so very much for this absolut stunning Genevieve here, she´s soooooooooooooooo gorgeous and ansolutely stunning colored too. You are such an amazing talented girl, and I just so love your work. Thanks so much for your amazing generousity and sharing sooo much with us here. I really apreciate it soooo much.
    Hope your head feels a bit better today.

  10. Your smashbook is fabulous - such a great idea! Thank you for Genevieve - she is beautiful with those wings. You are a talented lady and I appreciate all the freebies you share. Thank you!

  11. My 6 yr. old granddaughter would love that pink, frilly room! (it would be a nightmare for the 10 yr. old though!) I think you should go for the giant craftroom in the garage...I am trying to convince my husband to move because I saw a house with a huge spare bedroom with dormer windows, that would make an awesome craftroom....he's not budging though! Oh well, guess I have to be content with my teeny, tiny little room crammed to the rafters with "stuff". Thanks so much for "Genevieve"....she is gorgeous!
    Hugs, Renee

  12. Loved your post, and thank you for the beautiful image.... she's adorable!

  13. she's gorgeous! thank you so much for sharing

  14. My stack rivals yours. I'd love to have gone through all of them by Christmas. Not sure that's happening. I use a 3-ring binder with page protectors to store my cut-outs by theme. Words & Phrases, Furniture, Nature, etc.

    I think the first smash book I'm doing is for my Dream Studio. Look forward to your progress.
    Creative Blessings! Kelly

  15. So pretty in pink. I love your images and really like the colored ones. They are so great when in a hurry and need an image quick and have no time to color one. This image is especially pretty. Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

  16. So pretty in pink. I love your images and really like the colored ones. They are so great when in a hurry and need an image quick and have no time to color one. This image is especially pretty. Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

  17. I'd go with the craft room Anna - much more practical than a dining room!! Knock the wall out and turn the garage and the dining room into a craft room - awesome space!! Thanks for Genevieve - she is lovely.

  18. Thank you for the beautiful Genevieve.I love the name.

  19. Simply gorgeous. Thanks so very much. hugs Lynne from OZ

  20. Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the digi, got it beautifully this time.
    Thank you very much for going to the trouble of reuploading it I really do appreciate it.
    I hope that you have a fantastic day and rest of week.
    Great big hug.
    Love and best wishes

  21. another beautiful image thank you for sharing

  22. I would enjoy just sitting and looking through your smash book, Anna. I love what you're doing with it. I hope you share more of it. Thank you for the beautiful new Cuddlebug. xxx

  23. Wonderful blog!! I too have folders and folders of torn magazine pages (you know, just in case......)! So I can totally relate!! And thanks for the gorgeous digi!

  24. Thank you so much for the freebie...she isg gorgeous!