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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dreams to Come

Hello everyone,
Thought I'd share a little bit about my Smashbook idea with you guys.

I have my book.

And I have tons of decorating, diy, storage, and all around pretty home; books and magazines.

All purchased not by subscription but hand picked for the beauty within.
Dozens of stunning photos that I love.
And at one point thought to myself, I'd like to do that.
But as time passed the reading material piled up on a shelf and the pictures within became just a memory if not completely forgotten.

So what I've decided to do is use my Smashbook as a gigantic scrapbook of my Someday clippings from these wonderful books.

Someday when I have enough time
Someday when I have enough space
Someday when I have enough money
I want to do this.

A little book full of my favorite picture all of things that I would love to try.
A book of dreams.
Some of them might even come true.

My first set of pages will be coming soon.
And they'll be accompanied by a stunning and romantic new digi.



  1. Rather than clip them , copy them that way somebody else can get benefit of them in their unadulterated state. you could give several prizes of them and send them to good homes. also it would reduce the volume ,since you would not have the bindings, the ads, etc to store

  2. I think, that´s an awesome idea Anna. I know exactly what you mean, as I´m the very same, and I save tons of ideas, all the time, that I want to try, but I just save pics on my computer and print them out and have them in a big stack to grab, if I need a great idea, but this would itself be a wonderful piece of artwork too. I´ll look forward to see the pages, as you get them done. I´m sure, they´ll be wonderful.

  3. that is a cool idea.. would love to see them..
    Moxie Craftie

  4. Beautiful SmashBook. I think, that a digi is very nice for cover :)

  5. What a fun idea for a smash book, Anna. I can't wait to see your pages. xxx

  6. Hi Anna, I have ordered my first Smash Book too & it's being delivered today. Woo hoo can't wait. I love your idea. I'm going to focus mine around 'About Me' lol. I love how you have designed the front cover & that image is gorgeous. Can't wait to see your first page :) Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Lisa.

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