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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Planner Addict

I've come to realize that I am a paper addict. 
Anything paper...I love it.
I collect it...

I feel it's time to do a little addiction series on my blog. Every few days share a different paper based collection that steals my heart.


I love my planner. All of them. Spending time adding touches of creativity inside gives me peace and joy. I switch planners and themes, but I always enjoy each one.

Here's a few favorites; both ones I'm working on and past lovelies. 

This is my newest Heidi Swapp collection. I've ordered a few pieces to complete it, but this is the basic little kit with a camera case that I use as a travel planner case and Betsey Johnson bag that matches perfectly.

Some Christmas goodies to start prettying up this months layout.

And as if carrying one planner wasn't enough, I've added a little month layout one in my Midori. 
Love this one. You can't fit a lot of extras and notes but it is very convenient and lightweight.

Ah...the Filofax. This one is so cute. It's pocket size and I just love playing with it.

Some current Christmas touches.

A little shabby chic with soft colors.

And Kitties!! I love kitties.

Anybody else out there enjoy primping planners?


  1. Your planners look amazing! You are so creative! I would love to know the source of your adorable kitty stickers and images. Thanks!

    1. They're from a few different sets,
      one is from Barnes and Noble, it's called Cats & Dogs Vintage Stickers, by Cavallini & Co. It's in a little medal tin and costs less than $10.00 for 24 sheets
      The second is from Amazon; they're little books from dover publications for $1.99 each. They're called Glitter Cats Stickers by Darcy May and Glitter Old-Time Cats and Kittens Stickers by Maggie Kate
      The 3D layered ones are also from Amazon they are from Punch Studio $5.50
      The long vintage looking sheets are also from Amazon. The seller is Violette Stickers and they are usually $2-$4 per pack

  2. Oh my gosh Anna! Your planners are sooo gorgeous, and I just absolut LOVE them.
    I used to have a filo planner too in earlier years, when I was still working, but must admit, I haven´t had any, since I was forced to retire, as everyone around me, didn´t think, I needed one anymore, as "I´m just going here", so I haven´t had any the last few years, but I admit, I have been thinking about getting one a lot here this last year, when I´ve seen sooo many amazing planners come out everywhere, and I still think, it can be hard to keep track on all my medical and other appointments, but I haven´t come to it yet thoug, I must confess, just wished for a set for christmas now, so hopefully I´ll get one, but we´ll see about that. But I just LOVE yoyrs and maybe if I show them how many you have, they can see, that one isn´t too much to ask for? ha ha ha
    Have a wonderful Christmas hun and lots of great fun with your lovely family.

  3. Planner addict here too! I'm currently enjoying my Happy Planner because I really love a discbound system!