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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Documenting Your Creative Passions In An Art Journal Scrapbook

 It took so much courage to overcome the fear of having an art book that I added color to. Something about giving up the ability to erase my mistakes just stopped me in my tracks. I've realized that the imperfections of a page can make it special. You learn from trying and if you don't jump you limit your possibilities. The joy that comes from having a little journal where you can flip through the pages, by far overrides the blemishes.

The more pages I complete in my little journal, the more inspired I am to continue to add to it. Everyday I feel the need to just spend a little time sketching, painting, or writing. To spill my thoughts and emotions onto the pages.  Determined not to let my days crumble at my feet just to be left behind as a blank and empty spot, that I will likely forget as time passes by. 

This has become my favorite way of documenting my everyday. Each page holds joyful memories and intense passion. A splendid freedom of just letting go and enjoying the moment...

Here's a little freebie to release you creativity on. 
Enjoy coloring and crafting with Sweet Butterflies, but please give me; Anna Stillwell at Cuddlebug Cuties, credit for drawing her.
Sweet Butterflies Cuddlebug Cuties

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  1. I totally agree to every word you´ve said here. It´s sooo true and exactly how we all feel, I think. And I admire your guts to just go for it and do it.
    Thanks sooo very much for this little sweet cutie hee, she´s just soooo adorable, you are such a talented girl and I love your gorgeous drawings. Have a wonderful week ahead here now, that´ll hopefully feel your book with lots of great memories.