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Friday, April 10, 2015

A Little Artwork For The Midori

I'm having an insomnia night.
I laid in bed staring into the darkness for hours.
Watched art journaling you tube videos on mute; so not to wake anyone else.
Finally I gave in and retreated to the craft room with a cup of coffee.

I did a little journaling in my Midori and decorated a few pages with stickers, paper tape, and die cuts. I've been adding little bits and pieces of love to this book for quite some time now. I carry it with me everywhere. It is the best all purpose little book I've ever found. I absolutely love it.

I have a little plastic sleeve in the front that's been empty since day one. 
I knew that I wanted a little piece of artwork for the space.
Just a cute little rough sketch.
However, I didn't want to tear a page from my sketch book or art journal to do it; 
and these books usually take priority over doodling on scrap paper.
Tonight however, I am in full on decorating my little leather bound travelers notebook mode; and that space needed attention. 

Cuddlebug Cuties Jump Rope Sketch

I think the little jump rope cutie is adorable and perfect for summer.
I am so ready to get outside and exercise.
I think this little sweetheart, being in the very front of my book, might just help keep me motivated to move a little more when the weather gets a bit nicer.
I'll post an polished up inked image this weekend.



  1. She's lovely :-) Sorry you are having trouble sleeping - maybe when the weather gets nicer and you start getting outside you will sleep better :-D I wish we could hibernate through the winter :-)

    Have a great day.
    IKE in Greece xx

  2. So cute, I love all your girls!!
    XOXO Nana

  3. Oh, I hate those sleepless nights. You toss and turn, and then you finally have to give up and get up. I really like this drawing.