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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Crooked Tail

My oldest pup has a very peculiar little quirk. When it's becoming stormy outside she gets very stressed. I know this isn't really unheard of, but somehow she shows shows her emotions through her tail. It becomes crinkled and bent right in the center. The first time it happen I thought she somehow had broke her tail, scared me so bad. Over the years I've come to learn that her tail is fine she is just very stressed and needs extra cuddles (and sometimes a little hand built fort to hide in). 

Her condition however, has become a very common saying among my family and friends. It is not unheard of to hear one of us say, "my tail is so crooked right now".

So in keeping up with tradition...
My tail has been crooked for the past couple of days, gah
I'm not found of having a bent tail.

Right in mid illustration my inking pen died. It's a bummer but not really a huge deal. I drove up to the local craft store to buy another. Sold out... okay I'll just call around to see where else I can find one. No luck what so ever. 

I decided to purchase one off Amazon and paid a little extra for next day shipping. By 9pm the following day, still no illustration pen. I checked the tracking number that morning and it was in my city, so where is it? I checked the tracking again. It's in Indiana... I live in Missouri. There's a little side note. Delivery delayed, package put on wrong truck. Well mistakes happen, what's one more day now anyways.

The following day I'm practically chomping at the bit waiting for the mail carrier. When I saw his truck, I was jumping up to meet him at the door. The moment he handed me the box I knew something wasn't right. The box was much to heavy.  What on earth did they send me?

I pop it open and inside find not 1 pen but a whole variety pack. I inspect the item and find that store label is miss-marked as a single pen even though it is clearly multiples. Okay, I'll just call them and tell them they sent me more than I paid for and see what they want me to do. Hours later, I still can't find an actual phone number for amazon customer service.

After waiting days for a pen, wasting money on fast shipping which didn't show, and now not finding any support to explain that I got more than I paid for; my tail is starting to get a major bend in it. I just want to finish my picture, but I'm not willing to steal something that was mistakenly stent to me.

I finally sent them an email. Fingers crossed that it made sense. I did get my pen but if I take it out of the pack it will ruin the pack and make it unsellable. Can I just buy the pack? How much is it? ( I don't honestly know if I could even afford it, so that might not be an option.) Send it back? How long will it take to get another single pen? 

I heading out today to find a similar pen of a different brand. Creating always makes me feel better and I need some joy right now. 

The lesson I've learned; if it's important to your craft keep multiples, lol.

Stock photo of what they sent

I'll work it out and have a new digi soon :)


  1. This story reminds me of our furry family at home. How I miss them.
    You're right. If it's important to you, get more of it. :)

  2. OMGoodness - what a mess around !!! Hopefully they will say - 'Thank you for your honesty, you make keep the package as a gift' :-)
    I know what you mean about the storm. I hate the wind. My cats get all skitzy and run up the walls and it messes with my head too........ so ergo - I must be a cat too ... right ???! LoL

    Hope you managed to get another pen :-)

    IKE in Greece xxxxxxx

  3. Hi Anna,
    How awful, hope you found a pen, and are back to your usual cheerful self after getting some drawings done. Thought things like that only happened in South Africa, obviously I am wrong.
    Agreat big hug and hope you have a wonderful crafty day.
    Love and best wishes.

  4. What a fun story - my hubby orders a lot from Amazon so I could tell you a story or two myself LOL! Anyway, if you go to the bottom of Amazon home page, under Help, their Customer Service screen pops up. On the bottom of the list on the left, is Need More Help, click that and you will see Contact Us, click that. We always pick the option to call us; the phone call is immediate. Amazon Customer Service is one of the best we've ever dealt with. I know you've already sent an email, but we have not had a positive experience with emails - it usually results in a canned response ending in frustration. We always call and we always get fabulous service. We just called last night about a defective DVD that hubby received. The problems are always handled quickly and professionally and we are always happy with the end result. Good luck! And I liked reading about your dog's tail - I've never heard of such a thing - what a great weather predictor!