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Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Week of Sketches

I gotta admit, I've had a really nice and relaxing past few days.
It makes me feel a little guilty, but only a little; hehe.
My husband has been on a work related trip to CA, and well this pretty much left me and my little guy with the house all to ourselves.
The first night, when I tucked my son in; I looked around and wondered what to do with myself.
This little bit of extra me time started a really entertaining late night habit;
Mommy Movie Night
Everynight :)
(but only after my little was asleep)

I love horror movies, but never really get to watch them at the current point in time because they're not toddler friendly. My hubby, sadly he doesn't really care for scary movies. They give him nightmares; me however, they don't bother me a bit. It kinda freaks my husband out. He says I'm the only person he's ever seen that never flinches. I always laugh and tell him I'm generally okay, I understand it's make believe and made just to get a reaction out of someone. Plus when the background music changes you can kinda predict that something is going to happen, so I'm ready for it. 
I don't know, maybe I'm unique...but I accept that. 

One week all to myself. A new movie everynight.
Me and a couch full of kitties and puppies.
It was awesome.

It was relaxing. Propped my feet up and drew the whole time.
I never really made it to my desk to get anything beyond the sketching finished, but I have so many new illustrations to work with now, which is a bit exciting too.

I'll get these inked and colored soon, so that I can share with everyone.
I'm also pouring my heart into this years Christmas Angel. I really want it to be the most special and beautiful one out of the past 3 years that I've drew them.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday time.

The biggest of Hugs,


  1. Lovely drawings. Looking forward to them becoming coloured digi stamps

  2. WOUW these are so gorgeous Anna, I absolutely love them all, and can´t wait to see them all finished all up with colors and all.
    Youare such an amazing and talented lady, that´s for sure. Hope everything has calmed down around you by now, and you´re having a great time ehre before christmas.

  3. OMG how AWESOME !!! I truly LUV the one with the cats :-D You are amazing :-D They're all wonderful :-)
    IKE in Greece xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. wow love all these great job Anna. Can't want to see them

  5. I never would have pictured you as someone who would have loved horror movies. Hope you have time for a bing horror movie day.

  6. I wake up early in the morning before my daughter and husband gets up to watch my reality TV show :) It's a guilty pleasure that of course is not appropriate to share with my little one and my husband isn't as keen. I can completely relate - it's nice to have the "me" time. Also your drawings are amazing. Stick men are about as creative as I get. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I don't like horror movies... but your drawings are cute. :)