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Monday, September 1, 2014

Art Journaling Inspiration

I am truly enjoying the art journaling process. I'm going at it very slowly, almost timid. It seems so odd to me just to throw color at an entire page. There is a small part of me that has this really annoying fear of messing up my page and therefore ruining my entire book. I know it's silly, and a normal part of the artistic process. I guess I'm just used to sketch books where all I use is pencils and erasers. If I'm not happy I just erase and try again. Now I am working on telling myself if I don't like it I'll just paint over it and try again. I'll learn from it, and no matter what I'll enjoy creating because that's really the most important thing. It's more the quality of what you get out of it then the outcome of the piece. It is so very true that the worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt, and worry is completely a misuse of your imagination. 

My goal is to express myself; to know that my work is beautiful just the way it is. Not to look at what it is not, but to focus on what it is. My hope is that I can inspire others. I find so much peace in art and I want to share that feeling with everyone that I can. It would be a dream come true, for someone to tell me someday... that I influenced their work, that they believed they could because I said trying is wonderful, or that they didn't give up because of me.

So, I will look at the blank pages before me with courage.
One day I want to look back at this book and smile because it was a stepping stone in my life.
I had to tip toe at first, but I took that step.
I turned my dreams into my future.
I wasn't discouraged by my problems but instead led by my dreams.
I have found my gift and I rejoice in giving it away; hopeful that others will find their happiness with it, just as I have.

Dear friends,
Today I have a little gift for someone out there.
It's just a little bit of "get you started candy".
I have a limited edition moleskin Micky Mouse journal.
It a perfect size to start with and it's lined to make writing easier but it still has loads of potential to doodle, color, and paint in.
I have include 12 multicolored Foray pens. These pens write beautifully; they are one of my favorite tools.
There is a set of self inked set stamps that will help add little bits of fun to your pages.
A really fun little tote bag to store all your art journaling media in. Making taking your craft on the go easy.

To be included in this candy drawing all you have to do is be a follower of Cuddlebug Cuties and add your name to the link up below.
Everyone is welcome to enter.
 You do not have to post a picture of the candy on your sidebar or do a shout out post to let others know of the goodies, but I'd love it if you do, and I'd be very grateful. I'll throw your name in the drawing hat an extra time if you do.

Good luck everyone.


  1. I haven't had the nerve to start journaling yet. I keep looking at this brand new journal I have and then putting it away again !! LoL
    Thanks for the chance to win some goodies.
    I have been a Follower for quite some time now and I posted your Candy on my Blog :-D

    IKE xx

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  2. Hi Anna, thanks sooo much for the chance here, it´s just an awesome prize. I´ve never been brave enough to try this yet, but I really love, what I see everybody else is doing, but not sure, I could make anything like this myself thoug, but who knows, maybe you could convince me to this as well as soo many other things, you´ve made me try the last couple of years LOL. And I sure know a couple more, who would be over the moon to try this too ha ha ha, so maybe, this should be a family project next time, the girls were here. I have shared it on my blog ofcause.
    <have a wonderful week ahead hun and lots of great fun with your journal too.

  3. OMG, what a fantastic Blog Candy!!! I love what I saw!!! especilly the Micky Mouse journal!!! (I don't know why??!! *LOL*)
    Thank you for this chance!!!

    P.S. later at this day I will post your candy :)

  4. Thanks for the opportunity to go into the draw for your generous candy. Love it xx

  5. I adore this post as it really hit home for me and my attempts at art journaling. I now feel as if I shouldn't hate the pages I think look bad. Instead I should make them beautiful... Or add paint. Lol.

    I have been looking for good pens. I spent quite a bit on the ones I have from an Art Store, and they stop working quickly.

  6. Hi I'm a cohost from Wake Up Wednesday. I wanted to swing by and show you some love.

  7. Oh, that journal does sound wonderful, I hope I win. I could use all the goodies. Hope you have a great day!

  8. Stopping by to say hi from the Wake Up Wednesday Linky party. So excited to be a co-host this month! Nice to meet ya ;-)

  9. Good Afternoon Anna, I am popping by to say hello from Wake Up Wednesday Link party. I understand how you feel when you talk about spoiling your journal. Whilst I do not paint or draw, I do write and I have a rough book which I write my ideas in, another which I draft my writing in and a third which is my 'best' book.... I think it harks back to school days when we had to keep our 'best' books neat and tidy.
    I have entered your wonderful giveaway, but I am not sure I qualify as I am not an artist.... but I love a beautiful journal.
    Best wishes to you.

    1. Everyone is welcome, I'm glad you're here. :) Stop by anytime.

  10. Jus wondering who won your candy?