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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Making a Plan

I've begun to realize that I need to plan out my blog and art time a little better.
Anything that equals me time usually comes last in the day.
So, I've been putting together a little summer plan to multitask and stay creative.

I've been making little travel art kits that can go from room to room, inside to outside, and on the road. I think it'll be helpful to have a handful of useful art materials on hand. That way, if me and my little man are outside and he's happily entertaining himself, I can craft and enjoy myself too. 
So far I have a drawing kit, a mixed media journal kit(my next crafting venture), and a car tote. They've actually been really fun to put together too, I can't wait to put them to use.  
I'll have picture of all my goodies and a supply list later this week.

On top of the art kits, I also purchased a planner. I need a little something to write blogging events in. I still need a little practice actually using it, but I have had tons of fun doodling and embellishing it. I added some drawing paper to it, that way I always have an art journal in my purse. 
I think I might make a little kit for planner goodies too. Sticky notes, stickers, multicolor pens, pretty paper... and anything else I can find.  

Front dashboard.

My tabs came out of an old 2011 datebook. So glad I saved them.

Love this sketch. Think I'll polish her up and make her a Cuddlebug soon.



  1. Oh my goodness Anna, this is such an awesome idea, and your book is fabulous. I too just absolutely LOVE these gorgeous tabs, so sooo beautiful andfun to look at.
    The girls have just arrived here to stay for a week, while their mum is reading up to her final exam next friday, and tell me to let you know, that they would soooooo love to see your little fairy sketch as a Cuddlebug here before they go home. Tascha just went iih-ing and oooh-ing right away and asked if it was a new digi ha ha ha, but she´s also really really cute and beautiful, so we all look forward to see her among all your other girls soon. You are such a talented girl.

    And now we better get over and see, if there´s anymore the girls haven´t colored yet, so they can get on with their fun too.
    Have a wonderful sunday and lots of great fun hun, and the girls says also from them and thanks in advance for all they grab.

  2. I love your planner! What an awesome idea! The cat themed tabs are wonderful!

  3. Awesome planner! I definitely would love to see that sketch as a digi!!! She's beautiful!!!

  4. Love your planner and fab ideas for being able to work inside and out whenever you get the chance, oh to be so organised! Fab fairy, really hope she becomes a Cuddlebug. Hugs, Colette xx