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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

I love this little quote. I think being a mom is the best choice I ever made. And it's true; sometimes I don't have a clue if I'm doing it right, but I do it with unconditional love and lots of prayer; and I just hope that my best will shine through. That my son will learn from me, be inspired by me, and weather I do it right or wrong he'll know that I love him more than life itself. He is my everything and I am thankful that God choose me to be his mom.
Today so many are thankful to their loving mothers, and I am thankful to be a loving mother. No presents or gifts needed, I already have the best gift in the whole wide world.

Now that being said, my husband and mom had no intention of letting today slip by without showing me their love. I have the sweetest family, I love them all so very much. Together we make a good team.

I woke up this morning to these:

 Aren't they pretty. I love unique flowers. Little red, little white, some traces of pink...pretty. And they look so beautiful on my kitchen table. They make the whole room smell fantastic.

I was truly happy with my gift, but apparently I wasn't done.
This is what I get next:

So, so, so thrilled! This is my new travel sized watercolor paint set. I've really been wanting to learn how to paint. It's something that I have never been extremely talented doing but I would love to add some paint to my art journals. I think the more ways you add color the more fun the books are.

Okay, so now I'm jumping in my spot. Happy and excited. Ready to make a mess and play with my new brushes; but no wait there is one more gift.

My mom coordinated with my hubby and she brought me this:

A brand new multimedia art journal and pens.

Wow, I really mean just wow. A whole new set of art supplies. Everything I need to get started. It just completely brought me to tears. I know it's just paper, pens, and paint; but these are my kind of presents. Creative and fun. I can't wait to make something inspiring and share it with you guys.
And best part is we can all probably laugh together because my painting skills need work, lol.

It's shaping up to be the best holiday ever. And now I get to go and spend the rest of the afternoon with my mom. And the guys are going to make us dinner. Yay! So mom, I know you'll read this soon. Happy mother's day and thank you for the gifts. 
This little quote is for you.

 And to all my wonderful bloggy friends;
Happy Mothers Day!
You are all so very wonderful and deserve the very best.
Big Hugs to everyone,


  1. I love you too Sweet Pea! Happy Mother's Day to you too.

  2. Thanks sooo much hun and a very Happy Mothers Day to you too and every other mum inhere as well. I hope, you´re all feeling very spoiled and loved on this day too.

  3. Fantastic post! Lovely photos! I hope you had a wonderful day!