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Saturday, December 7, 2013

In a Creative Mood

Hello my lovely crafting friends.
I have been feeling so creative the past few days. I blame it on Pinterest, I've been surfing through the the crafting section and everything I see is like; "I like that, wow I need to make one of those..."

I just love that website but it gets me into so much trouble too.
Wonder why i use the word trouble, it's because it always makes me go shopping, lol. And here's the truth, I really do not need anymore toys for my crafting stash. Notice I used the word need. I have been collecting for my stash for nearly 15 years, but if you get inspired to create something now is defiantly the time to go shopping. Holiday sales are amazing at the craft stores. And luckily I'm pretty good with a budget :)

I have decided to create a shabby chic mini album. Something romantic with a vintage touch. Soft colors and tons of lace. Doesn't it sound pretty?

So this morning I did a little shopping and I got a huge assortment of goodies for my new project, and the best part; all on sale. Not just any sale between 50 -60 percent off each item then I had a 20 percent off your entire purchase coupon. I hardly spent any money and got so many pretties.

Love all this lace. I can't wait to create with it.

Some pretty floss to do a little hand stitching.

A few different size page inserts and some binding clasps.

And some pretty paper and embellishments too.

Now I can't wait to put it all together and make something beautiful with it.
I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and creative day.


  1. Åee for nogle dejlige indkøb, især alle de blonder kunne få mig til at savle. knus morkaren.

  2. Love that lace - it is gorgeous. And those embellishments look great too. I am so looking forward to seeing your creation!

  3. Wow good luck I love making mini albums and with those supplies you are sure to have a winner. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. You'll have such fun with all of that pretty lace! I'm in a sewing mood but the weather's nice so we went for a hike. Enjoy your day!

  5. so exciting to get new supplies and its great when you snag a bargain ( one feels less guilty too ....)!!

  6. FABulous selection of goodies and that lace is divine :-)

    IKE xx

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  7. awesome stuff!!I'm waiting for your creation!!..

  8. WOUW soooo many wonderful goodies here Anna, and I can say like Karen, that I´m definitely drooling about these laces too ha ha ha, they´re soooooooooooooooo gorgeous and delicious.
    You girls over there are so lucky with all your cheap stuff and sales and coupons all the time, here this would cost an arm and a leg to get. I was in the US for 5 weeks last yesr, and I was almost floatring on a sky in those stores there. You can probably get the whole bunch here for what we had to pay for max 3 rolls of lace LOL. so no wonder all of you over there have loads, not that I complain after I were there too he he he. I sure brought my share home too ha ha ha.

  9. Awesome purchases - love that lace!

  10. I love the embellishments you picked out! I love the color of them too. They sort of look vintage too, I think whatever you do with the items will be really pretty!