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Angel Policy

All images are protected by copyright. Any mass reproduction without the artists permission is prohibited by law. Please give due credit to Anna Stillwell.


Purchasing Anna Stillwell's Digital Stamps from Cuddlebug Cutie is not the actual purchase of the artwork, but rather the purchase of our standard use license. While you may sell projects that you create by hand, you many NOT redistribute Anna Stillwell's Digital Products in any way - including sharing, copying, lending, trading, or mass producing. No mechanical reproduction of any sort is allowed and the use of assembly or production line processes are prohibited to create products, unless you contact Anna Stillwell for permission. You may not reproduce my stamps/images in another format, such as rubber stamps, clear stamps, or any other material. It is NOT FOR RESALE as a digital document in any form, or for use on websites or any other digital medium. Any artwork created using Anna Stillwell's designs must not infringe on third-party copyrighted material. The artist must accept full responsibility for his or her artwork. You may not post images of my stamps/images to any blog or website uncoloured or un-watermarked. You may not reproduce my digital stamps and claim it to be yours. You may only post them as an example of a finished colored work.