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Whenever I used to hear about a child who was sick before I became a mother it would make me sad. I would be sad for a little while, but never was I affected the way I am today when I hear about a child who is sick. Now that I am a mother it is a whole new story. When I hear about a child who is hurting or who is ill it hits me hard. It takes my breath away. I look at my baby and think “what if” what if that was my baby? What would I do? Just the thought is enough to bring me to tears.

So Next week Malika's Nursery has this Bake sale that its profit will be going to one NGO working for kids with special need. What happen is each parent bring something to sell and buy from another parent so we all participate and teach the kids about charity work

I was thinking a lot and decided to make my amazing Brownies and was thinking of doing another thing that can be delicious and easy and, I remembered seeing a recipe bout pecan pie truffles that I liked. It had lots of ingredients that I always have at home and seemed easy enough.

Welcome to the inside of our new greenhouse!   The outside is not completely finished yet, but I hope to show you it later next week!

Lovely Vanilla Cupcakes from playinghomemademum
I love cake. Simple as that. I have a ridiculously sweet tooth and these delicious cupcakes tick all the boxes.
And the best thing is, they are easy to make. The traditional recipe can easily be scaled up or down according to how many cakes you need to make. Basically, for each egg, use 50g of flour, butter and sugar.
A word on vanilla; I use vanilla pods, as it really does take the cakes to another level. However they are expensive,it is definitely cheaper to buy them online rather than in the supermarket. You can of course use extract/paste if you would rather, but from my own experimentations, vanilla pods give a superior flavour.

Vive La Difference! Boys Vs. Girls from Diamonds in the Rough
Today, I want to share a new TOP TEN LIST. Ten ways I have found raising girls & boys poles apart. Ten observations I've personally made. Some will sound serious. Some tongue in cheek. And even though I do indeedy know that there is a wide spectrum of males & females (my sister & I are like night & day; so different yet both created unique & special!) I cannot get over how much I find solace in those oh-so frustrating moments (Boys! Boys! Will you stop climbing the furniture...nope, I already said no 'cops/robbers' today. Quiet Mommy said...quiet....) that I am not alone.

February Favorites by Skin Stuff by Katy

Shea Body Butter from The Body Shop. This is one of their really big tubs of body butter that they carry in my store. There are only a few scents in this larger size, but the Shea in particular keeps my skin so hydrated in this nasty, cold weather. We've had snowstorm after snowstorm here, and it's been freezing cold at night, therefore my skin has been a dry, crackly mess! I slather this stuff on after I take a shower. It goes on my arms, legs, stomach, and I even have my husband get my back for me. I've never had dry skin like this before, but I don't need a lot of this, so I'm hoping the massive tub lasts me a while!

Mexican Style Hot Dogs with Spicy Tomato Onion Relish 
from This Silly Girls Life
It’s no secret I live in Florida. And, being a Floridian (or FlorIDIOT as my Dad likes to say, *eye roll*) we have been seeing a large fluctuation in climate lately. One day it’s rainy, one day it’s in the low 40′s (hey! That’s cold to us, aight?!) and other days it is just GORGEOUS. Like today… jealous? Hehehe, sorry guys I am just loving this! Yesterday started off a little rainy but in the afternoon the sun was shining, birds were chirping! Ahhh, just like I like it! So, I knew I wanted to have an extra special lunch for us today! I ran out to Walmart, it’s super close to my house and I shop there all the time anyways and grabbed everything I needed for a mini Summer cook out! YAY, and here is what I made us for lunch:

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